Cafe Review: Cuppa Java

As we mentioned in this post before, the visit to Cuppa Java was a part of the plan to hit as many interesting places in the city possible, to celebrate 11th’s ‘Eat what you want day‘. We visited ‘Victoria Junction‘ first, and then, went to ‘Cuppa Java‘, adjacent to it.

We have had some experiences of well-known cafes from all over Kolkata, and hence, we had expectations from Cuppa Java on aspects like the food we can have there and their services, as well as, most importantly, the ambience they can offer. When you are going to visit a cafe, it’s always the ambience that is being put at the top of the priority list. At least, that’s how we, the coffee fanatics, work.

Cuppa Java offers a wide range of choices when you tend to take up your perfect beverage. With witty coffee related quotes marqueeing in and out in the front panel in their website, you will be happy to realize that the staffs and the people associated with this place is as much a coffee lover as you are. This was our first visit to Cuppa Java and within minutes of entering the place, the way we were being welcomed, the way we were guided with the menus, the orders; we already started regretting why we did not visit the place earlier.

The store has a very simple appearance, situated at the northern fringes of the city, on the long stretched Sevoke Road. Though the placement could have been much better had it been nearer to the central area of the city, but then again, on second thoughts it became clear to us that it’s the silence and the aloofness of the place that has made it such a good experience. Maybe the hustle-bustles of the city would have broken the peacefulness that is connected with the place.

Cuppa Java has two sections – the outer section serving coffee, cookies and other baked goods, and the inner section boasting of a hookah parlor. We tried out both the sections. The outer section was more common to the serious coffee lovers who use to hit the place simply to gorge on the blended goodness. Various offerings of cold coffee, moccaccino, cappuccino, espresso – you say it, and you will have to wait for hardly five minutes before you are being served.

The inner section was the hookah parlor. It was a dark room, as lengthy as a club room, with pool table set at one end, bean bags all around, and cushioned seating arrangements along the wall. A 26-inch LCD mounted on the central wall of the room plays video songs all throughout the day, and the best part, it’s accompanied by a really rich collection of contemporary and all time hit English numbers. The semi-darkness inside, along with the music gives a psychedelic appearance to the room, and you will never feel like coming out of it.

The best part of Cuppa Java, as it seemed to us, is their customer service arrangements. Since we were the first timers there (which the staffs surprisingly noticed), we were in awe by the help we got from the staffs. They did a quick briefing of their offerings, and helped us choose our orders. The quality of the food was quite good, and the service time lightening fast. We ordered Fudge American Brownie with chocolate sauce add-on, Black Forest Fudge et al. And turned out that we relished all of them equally.

Though Cuppa Java, as a chain, is not as popular as the likes of Cafe Coffee Day in small towns like this, but we liked the way it has managed to create a niche of its own. In the 1.5-2 hours we were inside, we saw a steady stream of customers flowing in and out of the eatery, and seemed to us that each of the them were regulars there.

Cuppa Java was an experience in itself. We liked their offerings, the services, the ambience, the food, everything. Of course a recommended place, if you talk about both their cafe as well as hookah parlor services.

According to us, best points regarding Cuppa Java:
1. Ambience.
2. Free Wi-fi zone.
3. Musical Den.
4. Quick and efficient customer service.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10.

Cuppa Java on Facebook: Cuppa Java
Contact: siliguri(at)cuppajava(dot)in


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