Eatery Review: Victoria Junction

Our main intention was to celebrate ‘Eat what you want day’ in as good a way as possible. And what can be better than to hit new eateries in town and eat what all you want!

Yesterday was the day we are mentioning here, and two of our team members took up the aim of visiting at least four eat-out joints in the city. Turned out that we could visit two of them – one being a little disappointing visit, and the later one an experience of a life time. This post is about the first joint – Victoria Junction, a live bakery.

When we entered Victoria Junction, it was in the middle phase of the day’s business in the early afternoon. Seeing us enter geared with cameras and note-taking pads surely seemed not to be a very good idea to them. Though that did not deter us from taking our independence of moving all around of the place taking pictures, scan the menu books, peek into the adjoining hookah parlour etc.

Victoria Junction is well known in this city as a live bakery and patisserie where you can get patties, pastries, cakes and other baked goods and also beverages of various types. They also have an adjoining Hookah Parlor with cushions and couch which seemed to be an ideal place for hangouts with friends, and strictly not with family. Seeing cameras in our hand made two of the young guys inside it throw us suspecting looks. But anyhow, they decided to carry off with their hookah-jobs with ease.

Though the staffing and attending system seemed to be unsatisfactory in Victoria Junction, I liked the fact that the visitors are given complete independence there. We moved all around the place, checked out the bookracks, took numerous pictures (without not even a single complain from the attendees) and finally settled down with some baked goodness.

Food was okayish. The donuts were not soft enough, but anyhow tasted nice. Victoria Junction has this delivery service of cakes for various parties and celebrations. We saw two customers picking up their orders and also two other coming up to place new orders. It seemed to us that the USP of the place is their system of delivery of cakes and party foods. Other than that, the regular items sold are not too much in demand. We were there for around 30-45 minutes, and saw only one another customer come and settle down in a table a little away from ours.

Overall, Victoria Junction may not score well in areas like customer service and quality of regular food items; but seemed the live bakery section working hard all through the day serving the delivery orders is what keeps their business running.

About Victoria Junction, we most liked:
1.The latest ‘Kindle’ magazines put on the tables for the customers to go through.
2.The book racks. Though they really had a very bad choice for the collection, but I don’t remember getting to see much of these bookracks in other eateries.
3.The interior decoration of the Hookah Parlor, which they fondly call ‘Kafe adda’.
4.The beautiful paintings on the walls.
5.Pricing. Very reasonable.

We disliked:
1.The customer attending system.
2.Quality of foods. We, obviously, could not taste all of their items, so this non-likeliness can well be restricted to the items we had.

Overall Rating: 7/10.
Victoria Junction on Facebook: Victoria Junction
For more pictures of Victoria Junction, visit BTL on Facebook here: Between The Lines
Contact: +91 353 6500167
Takes Reservations
Walk-Ins Welcome
Good For Groups
Good For Kids
Waiter Service


7 thoughts on “Eatery Review: Victoria Junction

  1. Victoria Junction is only of its kind in the city and is a lovely place to hangout with friends and they really have a good customer base now for cakes and bouquets too. They provide the facility of 24×7 home delivery which is again something provide by only them in the city.

  2. Just want to mention that I have been there lately with a friend of mine. It was a horrible experience. More than half of the items in the menu were not available for some unknown reason. Adding to that the waiter kept on speaking in his english while I wonder he was making out anything I was saying.

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