Restaurant Review: Hatari

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Table for two: INR 400-500.
Rating: 7.5/10.
Address: Beside Ram Krishna Samiti Building, PaniTanki More, Sevoke Road, Siliguri Head Office, Siliguri – 734001
Contact: +(91)-(353)-2460006

Yeah, this is certainly not a food blog, and I also have no intentions of turning it into one. But, since am supposed to ‘blog’ here regarding what I do, when I do, and where I do what I do, I think those ‘do’-ings can be safely showcased here, until and unless the ‘do’-ing means something groggy to someone.
So, yesterday (writing time of this post is 12.45am on 3rd March, so, it pretty much makes 2nd March a ‘yesterday’) I had my birthday, which I planned to celebrate with my friends in the evening. Turned out, other plans worked out. I took out S with me and hit ‘Hatari’ directly.

Hatari is actually a pretty well-known restaurant in Kolkata, situated in the western fringes of Gariahat. The few times I went there, I was impressed by the food quality and also the ambience. But those few times was sort of miserable for us, being during the Durga Pujas. And evidently, I remember booking our places from 3 hours before, just to get to get inside and place our butt in their cozy sofas. Life was so unfair that way. So, when I heard of a branch of Hatari opening here in Siliguri, I was overjoyed. The sceptic that I am, I doubted whether it was the branch of the one with the same name in Kolkata, and made it a point to clear out the confusion. With many other questions in mind, I thought yesterday would be the perfect day to give it a visit.

The first thing that struck us was the ambience. The restaurant was not dimly lit, and yet was not too bright to the eyes. It was neat – clean, fit with closely put wrought iron chair-tables and red drapes as a background alongside the white walls. The easy-to-the-eyes red-white colour theme suited the interior decorations well enough.

The guy waiting at our table was a bit hesitant at first, as it seemed, reason being totally unasked for. He took some more-than-permitted time cleaning up the crockeries and arranging plates for us. When we were given the menu card, S chipped in: “Ah! The variety of food here is pretty unfathomable.” That quote was dangling around for quite some time in my head, and I was hesitating over whether I should tweet the same then and there only. Somehow, I didn’t.
Food came in. We ordered two dishes. Chicken Biryani and Chicken Shahi Korma. They looked as delicious as they tasted.

Frankly speaking, before visiting Hatari yesterday, I had, in the back of the mind, an acute interest of giving a try to restaurant reviewing. Actually, we do eat out quite often, once or twice a week has almost turned into a routine. Once you stay away from home, with your fooding planned with a mess, you need eat-out schedules like this to rejuvenate your taste-buds. And that was the case with us as well.
I asked S preliminarily to review this restaurant as a starter. That way I wanted to put up a space for her in this blog. Not as a guest-blogger, but as a regular contributor, or more aptly put, as a co-contributor. Since, she keeps on staying high most of the times with anything remotely related to foods, what better way she could have got to make a starter’s appearance.
But, with she not being ready enough for the same, the onus was on me.


Overall, Hatari was good. Food was delicious, with an ample amount, so much that S didn’t even manage to finish up her own pile, and at last we managed to get a take-out. Chicken Shahi Korma had this sweet taste, with ample helping of raisin and cashewnuts enhancing the experience. The sweetness was not too much to make your tastebuds overwhelm, also was not too bland to search around for the twisters once you put a spoonfull inside the mouth.
The Biryani dish had two large pieces of Chicken breast and legs – smoked hot, both in taste and appearance. And it was not too rich to make you full after having half a plate only. Definitely a win-win situation.
Where this place will be overrun by some other equals is the music section. An ambience like that needed serene instrumentals or Pink Floyd, at least not the 50’s music. That too in a time like when we went there. The guy waiting on us was friendly, but I think in one or two situations he seemingly took some time extra to deliver to us. But then again, everything can be pardoned where the food takes the front seat. And this place was definitely one of the kind.

Overall rating: 7.5/10.

Found out, ‘Hatari’ is on social media networks too. In case, you want to contact them directly,
Their FB page is here: Hatari Siliguri
On Twitter: @hatarisiliguri
Mail them to:

[Disclaimer: Actually, this post was written on 2nd March. But after going through few well-known Restaurant Review portals (this, for example), I decided to make this a bit more informative, and at the same time make it look like a professional work done. So, this upliftment, and the information as added. If you have not gone through the actual piece before, you won’t be able to make out the difference.]


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