Cricket happened

Yeah, cricket happened today in the morning. Not specifically morning.
Unlike other days, today I woke up to the chatters of almost the major part of my hostel guys who are going all around arranging guys altogether so that we can go out to the fields for playing cricket. Since it was a sunday morning I pretended I was asleep, preliminarily. But given am such a sucker of this game, and also am kind of a hero :) (atleast my childhood and schooling days say so) in cricket, got up.  So, in no time, a tee got its chance to cover my upside and a jeans (in the absence of my tracksuits) the rest, and I was ready.

Summary: Heat which refuses to be less than scorching in November, a rugged field, some not-so-serious players, and a game that stretched from 10am till 3pm – that’s the whole match being summarised pretty well.

My shows: Captaining a side has become so boring now, unless you get some quality players in your team. Otherwise it’s only you whom you will invariable find running around on his ass throughout the fucking huge field. Had to do so in the first few overs, and then decided to take my another favorite fielding position – keeping, where I think am as good as when I lay my hands on a ball, and also with the willow. So, kind of I enjoyed being there. Sometimes, I think I will like to take a break from captaining sides (which eventually I think am doing since I have senses to take care of) and instead lay low, lazying around. Sigh, my cricketing conscience never lets that happen!
3 overs in the scorching Sun later, I saw myself with the legstump of a set batsman displaced, pleasing being that was the fastest ball among my eighteens.
Anyways, more cricket will happen I think from now on. And with my schoolfriend Debapriya claiming that he bowls at 140kmph these days, high time I should pull up myself to return back with a 150. Guess what, I was already 140 when I was like, 16? :)



One thought on “Cricket happened

  1. ho ho ho.
    dude, we get 2hrs of cricket everyday! now dat our college is of in anticipation of the armageddon we get to play 7days a week.
    our field’s lush green & well maintained. outfield yields almost mach speed & the max. boundary is it’s a batsmen’s paradise.
    i guess i should get u a video.

    i can assure u speed won’t matter much here…faintest edges carry to the third man “v” zone..the short boundary gives barely a chance to move.

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