The Rockmelt experience

I got the chance to be a beta-user for the new ‘Social Browser’ (as Techcrunch calls it here) ‘Rockmelt‘ by receiving an invite from a friend on Facebook. It’s better to say here from before that it can be called the ‘Facebook browser’, given it can be connected using your Facebook profile (Oauth technology) and also the entire backbone of this browser is set on your connectivity to the world VIA Facebook.

I spent the entire evening today testing it, tweaking it, tasting it. And finally decided to mail the makers/developers of the product about my experience this far. Better this is my feedback to them.

The mail is quoted below as it was sent:


Thanks for the awesome browser i.e. Rockmelt.

Being in the soical media scenario for sometime, it was not a surprise that a browser of this workability will make the rounds soon. Congratulations that you guys have been the first in that race.

Regarding Rockmelt, it’s cool. It’s trendy, sleek in appearance, glossy and everything else that has relation with it being glamorous. And the Chrome platform has just given it the bestest tweak possible.


1. Security. I will like you guys to look into this matter more if you want to have a stable user base in near future. Just think that when people are going to make Rockmelt their default browser, they will first think of the security of their accounts they will be handling in this platform. If that is under gray shades, there is no point using a browser, give any amount of gloss and applicability to it.

2. Speed. This is the major reason why we prefer Chrome and Safari over Firefox these days. Name a slower browser than Firefox, even if it has got hundreds and thousands of extensions to choose from.

3. Extensions. I toiled for 2-3 months for the perfect youtube-video downloader extension for Chrome before I got the perfect one 2-3 months before. Only for that reason I had to use FF when I needed to download any video from youtube. Look to it that it doesn’t repeat with you guys too.

Anyways, thanks again for this experience that’s Rockmelt itself. Good going! Get going!

Few tips just in case you get interested to use the browser itself and are already dying to get hold of an invite.

  1. Go to Rockmelt website and request for an early access by signing up with your email-id in the form to the left.
  2. Easier, and in case you don’t want to wait for eternity thinking when they are going to send you an invite, let me tell you that I have got some spare invites as a privilege given by the developers to the early beta users. In case you want to grab one such invite from me, leave a comment below. I will get back to you ASAP, until the invitations in my hand gets finished.
  3. The more you can pull in your friends or known ones here for invis, the more you have got the chance to grab one invi yourself. So, get going, NOW!

Adios, anyway.


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