On the Run…

#1. My blog has been rechristened, if you care enough to notice it. And if not, look up, it’s there in front of your eyes. Also read this post. Last year I had set up a twitter account for my blog using this service called TwitterFeed (for details read this post, strictly for novices). And according to the name of my blog, which was ‘Make A Difference (M.A.D)’ as you all know, the twitter handle I got available was @_M_A_D. And today, as per the new name, I changed it to @BetweenTL, where the ‘TL’ part obviously stands for ‘The Line’ of ‘Between The Line’. God knows who already has taken this name on twitter, and I had to be happy with this retarded version of the actual one.

#2. Time is tiresome. This being the final year in college, things are too hectic in every front. You talk about College’s internal exams, you talk about CAT and other management exams, you talk about managing/hosting meeting of a bunch of 60 shouting people, most of whom don’t have a fair idea of what’s going on and the rest busy to muster on their individual selfish needs, these days I go out from my apartment at 9am in the morning, and return back around 6-7pm. Feels like I am already into my Corporate job days. Worse being guys having such a job gets a 25k starting package at the end of the month, and I get a null value dangling all around me, laughing at me, mocking me for my selfless social/academic services, and what not. Ha!

#3. Best part, I have been again in my eat-around-like-crazy mode. Thanks to S that she is back from her long hiatus. And if again she goes down with ailments, even YOU guys also know whom to blame. :P Hopefully, S will not think that way, and will not convince her parents not to think in the same line too. And if that happens, am gone!

#4. After I have got to lay my hands on my new toy (read: My new Canon SX130 IS), I had been longing for some photoshoots to the Dooars and Mountains here. Talked with @Tanny, discussed, planned, and guess what, now we are all set for one such Bike-cum-Photography day out to Mirik coming Sunday, i.e.14th November. Hopefully will have a good time there. Wait till I post my Flickr and FB album links here after I return.

#5. I will try to get into the groove with a haphazard post like this on a daily basis. That kind of keeps me sane, out from the crazy and freaky world all around.

Adios for now!


2 thoughts on “On the Run…

  1. Yes dude, The people around didnt really change!
    But the good thing is, I have started distributing my responsibilities to my juniors! feels great watching them work!

    never the less, my team for the final year project is much away from even being good… and my ailing health. In short… tough times! :)

    Trust me, Times gonna be good… we should hold on our nerves.. and just work.
    Last two months, I spent more time in the nursing home than anywhere else! even now I go our at 9 am, come back to mess at 9-10pm, after work, masti n bit hangout! tough times but yes satisfactory!

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