Religion and us

Normally, it’s said that the richer a country, the less religious it is. But not always. Exceptions are eminent. And the fact that US is among one such exceptions startled me when I first went through this recent post in The New York Times. Little I was convinced then, and immediately started reading about the same in the internet.

To quote Mr. Charles M. Bow, the Op-Ed columnist of the NYT,

Sixty-five percent of Americans say that religion is an important part of their daily lives. That is compared with just 30 percent of the French, 27 percent of the British and 24 percent of the Japanese.

I used Gallup’s data to chart religiosity against gross domestic product per capita, and to group countries by their size and dominant religions.

The cliché goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

And this picture, as given below, correctly gives out an idea of what our “World Of Faith” is really like these days!


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