That guy and ‘Uninor’ – The Sequel

So, I was supposed to write this post exactly a week ago, and as usual the procrastinating self of mine has been able to push me till this day!

Uninor has been phenomenal to crave unwanted attention due to this blog post, ‘coz this post has attracted over 180-200 visitors in these 10 days from 14th September, the night I posted it here. So, much for cheap attention and misguided/misused social media networking!

Anyways, so what is exactly the wrath against Uninor all about? As few of the comments I have received in the earlier post (namely from Karan, ssomz, cosmobong), the company should not be blamed, the reason being, as quoted from cosmobong‘s comment:

but to blame it only on the operator is slightly unjustified. As an org its important to be competitive in the market and by making the plan attractive they are only boosting sales, nothing wrong in that.

Of course, I kind of also believe in similar lines, giving all due respects to the managerial brains behind every of these moves. Anyways, the story needs to be continued.
After 11th September night, things got worse on the 13th. So, I decided to visit the Uninor Store here in Siliguri and address the problem to their officials myself. I went there on the day after, had to struggle past three customer care ‘Executives’ (so-called, since these days any uniform wearing personnel is called an ‘Executive’, even the 10k-earning store attendant girl) repeating the same story over and over again when finally I got the chance to meet their bald, ageing, grumpy Manager. I had to repeat the same story to him, addressed the complaints, and asked if they can provide some remedies. I got reply that they can’t spill out the details of their customers, as I assumed of the undercurrent of ‘trust’ issues running between the service provider and the customer. And that was totally expected, and I admit that things should work this way only. While returning to my place that night and discussing the issues with my friends, the zeal to take a try for the last time got me going again, and that’s when the bitter truth got out!

Around 10pm that night, I called up the Uninor Customer Care from my Airtel number and reported of the problem. I asked for the details of the owner of the SIM too, since that would have helped us to crack down any chances of any of our known ones playing the game. I got this reply:

CC: “Sorry Sir, it seems the documents of the number you said about have not yet being received by us. So, we can’t help.”

Me: “By the way, did you just hear me tell you that I have been receiving frisk calls and texts from the same number, and the number is completely not born from my imagination. So, if not the documents are submitted in due time, how can the owner call, or even send messages to others?”

CC: (Fumbling) “Sir, are you sure that it is the same number? Then we will need to check the system again.”

Me: “There you go!”

If you are wondering “How on earth?”, don’t worry, I was in the similar state that night. Seems, what Uninor has managed to build all these days is not a generation of spammers but also a generation of corrupted shop owners and marketing personnel who rather looks out more to fill up their dirty pockets and bulging belly than into customers’ safety issues. Turned out that our guy took the SIM without submitting the documents in time, and as a ‘gift’, Uninor activated his number even before checking on the documentations. And that’s is hilariously frustrating!

Anyways, my that night’s call worked like wonder! Probably the officials realized their mistakes, and that’s the last time we received any calls or texts from that number!

I will like to entertain few comments regarding the same after you go through this entire sequel. Let me know if any of you had faced any similar incidents from any Telecom service providers in India.

And regarding that girl, cute girls are always welcome in advertisements and banners throughout the cities! No hard feeling for that matter. :D


6 thoughts on “That guy and ‘Uninor’ – The Sequel

  1. So this is the story! Its really unfortunate that without any valid documentation a SIM has been activated. As far as I know every time I went to buy a SIM, the sales guys told me “until and unless your valid documentation is not submitted to us, this number will not get activated”! So, after reading what you’ve written only thing I have to say is if any other option is not there then approach the police.

  2. WOW!! So, Thats the status of security in India right now..Uninor being a new connection, one expects it to be much more secure and safe in its approach to get established in the country.But, here it is already so careless in managing the most important aspect of a new connection, validation and proof. If thats the status right now then what can we expect in later years. Not being political, but this is one of the many reasons which cause boost in terrorist activities.. And of course also in the rise of mischevious, harassing, unknown, blank calls.. I know this is the age of hardcore competition but security and privacy comes above everything else..

  3. Dude, those companies don’t even care to look at once at your documents.
    Around a month back i went to THE MOBILE STORE to purchase an “FREE’ airtel sim, I give d guy ma documents and asked d guy for the form where i was supposed to sign. I was shocked when the guy said ” Sir apko kahi Sign nahi karna hai “.when asked the reason ,i was further shocked,he said “SIr, aap ka sign hum kar denge. hum sabhi customer ka sign khud hi karte hai . aap ko takleef lene ki jaroorat nahi hai”.anyways I didnt let him forge my signature and signed the form my self and took the receipt which he was not giving away untill I asked him to give explicitely.
    Now how can you reponsible feed back from a company’s people whose “Executives” forge their own cutomer’s signature.?

  4. @Sanjay Man, this is hilarious! I also visited that Mobile Store some 10-11 months ago for a similar purpose, but thank God I didn’t have to face the same?
    Are you talking about the MS at Venus More?

  5. Ah! That one seems to have a good enough reputation then! :P
    BTW, the point being, as you have said, even the likes of Airtel and Vodafone are doing these perky idisyncracies, why not Uninor then?

    Used to know “All is fair in love and war”, now it should be like “All is fair in India!”

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