That guy and ‘Uninor’ – A case-study of Indian Telecom Industry Part- 1

A story in the making, a blog-post awaiting to happen.

And all thanks to the unknown caller, ‘the guy’, who doesn’t know that he has been helping me big time to bust ‘Uninor’, the very newly launched telecom service provider company in India. They say on their website (here: that they are a Telenor – Unitech initiative, though frankly I don’t think that am too well-versed with the details of the above said two companies. Anyways, not to go into those details. Previously, I was not that much interested in these business stuffs, but not any longer I should be saying this, since few months into the next year may see me into some B-Schools, hopefully.

So, ‘the guy’ has been the catalyst. That day, we were in class when suddenly our instructor asked “What is a catalyst? I know you all can answer it, but I want a total explanation.” We got stuck with the positive part, that it accelerates / aggravates a reaction, or in more general sense, a happening. This guy sitting two seats right to me replied with the negative effect, which gives it a sub-type called ‘Negative Catalyst’ too along with the ‘Positive Catalyst’ one we replied. The context is trivial. In this case-study of mine, this guy has been acting as the ‘Positive Catalyst’ for me to bust Uninor, and at the same time has been acting as the ‘Negative Catalyst’ for his service provider as mentioned above.

Chemistry apart, let’s dive into the story.

11th September, 2010 (Day 1): Rather Night 1. The thing that struck me first was the date. Something HAS to go wrong on the very day, after it got jinxed nine years ago in a distant city of whites caused by two ‘flying saucers’ supposedly sent from another jinxed country.

This very close friend of mine, say S, got a call from an unknown number. Now, that often happens often, and so she took the call casually. And what came from the other side is the voice of a guy ‘wanting’ to ‘befriend’ her at that time of the night. Now, this is funny given the fact that how the numbers of these callers have been gradually growing in our areas, states, country. Not only in this case only, I know every reader will agree with this ‘fact’. I consider this as the ‘gift’ of the newly launched ‘do dino ka companies’ to our society. I would have liked to name every single similar companies, but sadly big names starting with T’s also fall into the array, as well as other names also which may have made a good name in some regions, and at the same time failing heavily in the others. So, distinction using names is unnecessary I think. What matters is the genre of spammers that they have given birth to, in the long run. These companies are never going to get/win the trust of lifetime users, so their business plans tend to get restricted, or rather concentrated more upon the rural and suburban areas of the states, to win customers in bulk amount,giving them the bait of cheap plans and cheaper maintenance cost ratio. What they never point out is the less and lesser numbers of towers they have been planting for the above said customers. It’s all a game dear!

These companies never know themselves what they want to do. In the end, they end up in the trashes. What they never realize themselves that they have catalyzed the birth of a new group of spammers and unwanted callers, who live by the sadistic pleasure of calling up random unknown numbers (very possible that one of the victims can be you!) in the middle of nights and during other uncanny times. And if they get lucky to get a female receiver in line, their fangs come out, shining in the dark, like a hedonistic jackass.

So, S got around 8-9 calls from the same number that night, all after 12am. None of them she received, obviously, but that didn’t spare her to be worried enough and get mentally disturbed. When I got my hand on the number that night only, I managed to contact the person, ‘the guy’ as we have been mentioning him. As expected, he turned out to be a drunkard, high on booze and probably marijuana too, working on his lazy ass with his hedonistic pleasure acts. Started with simple conversation from this end, and ended with being threatened with dire consequences. :D That’s another sad part of our generation, I agree. When even few drops of tonics (read booze) enter the system, guys start thinking themselves as either Iron Man-3, or the next Mr. Hyde (of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fame). No more discussion on this issue, or many friends or so may tear me apart for the views. Totally personal though, with no further interest of taking them back. :)

The guy threatened me, and started spamming my inbox from that time. 4-5 very abusive texts later, I think he got tired of not getting any replies and it ended.
I was wrong, it was just a matter of time that things got started again, with the texts containing more pornographic references to slangs and more of hedonism. Laughing and enjoying that we were all friends together at our hostel, at the very sight of the poor, desperate guy, things went pretty on a lighter note. Finally, the night ended at 2am.

‘Uninor’ is yet to come into the picture. That part is saved for tomorrow. 1.33am at night doesn’t promise more sane writing.

1. This post is going to have a second part, and also a third part if more developments take place. Will love to share with all of you readers. In the mean time, get going with your comments below. Also share if you have similar experiences with any unknown, abusive callers.

2. One more thing I don’t get is that how can these companies act like jerks after posting pictures of cute girls on their advertisements throughout the city. Reference: See picture on the right.


5 thoughts on “That guy and ‘Uninor’ – A case-study of Indian Telecom Industry Part- 1

  1. the most striking feature i got is the “date”!!

    and ya these cases “often” happen and especially to the girls….don’t know how surprisingly they get the numbers! JERKS!

  2. well the incident you told is a bad one and it does happen more often than not but to blame mobile operators for providing cheap sims and calling offers is totally wrong. those drunkards ( as you have assumed ) would continue to misbehave irrespective of the operators they use. The new operators have to make cheap plans so that they can stay in this highly competitive market, they come with their marketing strategies and they should be given a little time before we harshly judge on them. The picture of the girl, which you see in the uninor advertisement is because uninor ad campaign shows various people ( common man – real ones ) prepared for their turn ( for whatever they want to achieve ). i have seen many male faces on their advertisements. so, its just a part of the campaign and not perversion.
    anyways, i would like to read your story further. you have written the incident quite well.

  3. @Karan You are right. These operators should be given chance to float on this highly competitive market. Not their fault that they give rise to this generation of spammers. Wait for the next part of this story, which is going to contain the bitter experience that came with interacting with the customer care of the company. Bitter in the sense that how much they are unaware of what they are breeding around. :)

    And regarding the girl, including that part in P.S. was meant to make the story lighter.

  4. I agree with KARAN to some extent. As these companies have lowered their product prices so much that even people who earn 20/- a day can buy a sim. But the horrible part is that along with the advantage of availability of sims a lot of problems come. I being a girl know how it feels when calls from unknown numbers continuously disturb during the night! Many of my friends suffer from the same. These problems were not so much when the sim price was high….it all started when suddenly all the companies brought down its price. so who is the sufferer?? US! I know the companies dont know what all is going on when the sim is given away, its not their fault, its not possible to see someone’s face, judge him and then give the sim -no! But atleast they can take some steps to stop it. I have faced situation when the company didn’t help me out, instead they just casually said “we can’t do anything about this”! I think its their responsibility to do something to help us- its they who are responsible to some extent for the nuisance all around then they should also take the responsibility to stop it or atleast help people out!

  5. Bastab…. I can relate to your story.. similar thing use to happen and will continue to happen… yes better calling/sms rate might have fulled it further but to blame it only on the operator is slightly unjustified. As an org its important to be competitive in the market and by making the plan attractive they are only boosting sales, nothing wrong in that.

    the same thing use to happen 8 year back also.. when plans were not as affordable as they are now… so its not that only coz of cheaper plans one get such calls. Now some operator does provide you with option to black list numbers, so one can avail features like that. plus if things are getting really dirty, involve local police.

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