There she is back at the cape of good hope

Guess what, S is back from the hell. And am so happy for that.

Think yourself as being admitted in a dilapidated Nursing Home with Hepatitis A (for that matter, Jaundice) just when you made a long plan of doing loads of stuffs together with your good friends, after a long time. Worse, you just came back from a week away at Delhi, enjoying and doing all the crazy stuffs throughout the week. I get you, I get the huge amount of stream of disappointment and anger that moves all around your head, not to mention the suffering and pain which comes with the ailment. That’s exactly the condition of S when she got admitted into the NH last week. And after l-o-n-g six days, six into twenty-four hours, six into twenty-four into sixty minutes and six into twenty-four into sixty into sixty seconds later, she is back at her home, and how! :)

My wake up call at around 10.30am in the morning came sharp from under my pillow. As usual was startled by the suddenness, and got irritated as well, until I saw the caller ID on the screen of my little black candy. It was her call, from her mom’s number, with her mom’s permission, to let me know, about her release today. What a starting to the day! :)

As usual, my morning went well, not being abusive about how my fellow mates are not in their noisy best then, since most of them were sleeping still. Did some studies that time, since silence and peace is such a rare state of physical occurrence.
Went to her place in the evening, and there she was, smiling all the way, looking as fresh as the new lavender with her sweet smelly appearance, recuperating gradually. We have this thing of catching up on everything around from each other. I did my part, she her, and her mom her’s. Laughathlon, smiles, happiness! We had this preoccupation of planning and setting up all our final year stuffs, more since she is not being able to go to college for some days. There’re so many things going to happen in the near future and all of us were excited about the good prospects of the same. Fair enough!

And back here now, time for me to catch up with stuffs, random, personal, futuristic ones.

BTW, am I writing too much of personal stuffs here? What do ya think, guys? Let me know. I think it’s high time I need to look into these stuffs, move on, be non-omnipresent.


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