A life less ordinary

…. In the sense of the tremendous workloads that life has ‘bestowed’ upon me these days.

Google Calendar is the only way you can save your bottom from being kicked, and save your head from being cut off. Today also one of my friend commented: “Yaar, if we have to do so much work and take so much tension, why are we Engineering students?”
I refused to agree with him. But didn’t say anything directly. Life doesn’t happen to give similar priorities to every individual, and maybe this friend of mine is a sufferer that way.

Time have been running like hell. We are used to read in the life-stories of famous men about how they have adviced against the trickiest thing called ‘time’, but as always our childhood refuses to hear them. Time has come when we are ready to give similar advices to our younger brothers and sisters.

This week has been a toughie. All that I do were:

1. Had this big presentation in college today, as a part of our final year curriculum. My topic was ‘Modern Cryptography’, ideated during my internship this summer at Indian Statistical Institute. The topic was a hard one itself, and it had so much to cover that I got confused where to stop. Since we are adviced of maintaining an average of 15-18 slides, toiling hard was inevitable. Things went well today, as the last time. Funny incident during the same: Was doing boardwork to explain the differences between Public key Cryptosystem and Private key Cryptosystem, and that is when the board broke down. Somehow managed to get away with it, though am yet to forgive our interviewing lady professor sitting there for laughing when the board broke down! :x

2. S has fallen ill, and how! She has been admitted to a Nursing home here for the last 5-6 days with Hepatitis A. Earlier doctors use to generalize all the varities of Hepatitis as ‘Jaundice’, but good to know that they have learnt to keep up with time as well. Have been busy there as well. Realised today how much I feel guilty of not visiting her for a single day when I don’t manage to make out some time after all my desperate measures.

3. Big exams (read CAT etc.) are near, almost. Busy times, test taking times, workshop times, discussion times, self-help times.

Will be back again tomorrow, with more energy, peace of mind, non-guilty measures.


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