The four guys and Nolan..

This was a day very well spent. But not at all well planned.

Well, went out with this very close friend from school (say, M) and his girlfriend (say, G). As usual, I was having creeps while starting from the so-far place I live, even after grabbing up a unfavorable bus ride. The reason I was having creeps is not that I have not managed to manage a seat for my ass in the bus, but that the slower-than- an-ass movement of the bus assured me that am going to be hell late today. And being very certain that am going to get some good verbal volleys for getting late, I started rehearsing my own return volleys. So much for traffic and the heat! And hence, certainly the journey didn’t start well.

But I reached in time, even if it’s just five minutes to our scheduled movie. G was already there, and me and S reached at the same time. It was drizzling a bit, so both of us were thankful that at least we had reasons to cheer up. God had some other plans for us though. I was repetitively calling up M and got to know from G (who is his girl) that he is still a well half an hour away from our meeting place. We got our tickets done. Me and S decided to sit outside with G as well to wait for M, while G kept on insisting us so that we get inside. M’s guilty measures propounded on G, you know! :P

We engaged in talks and kept waiting at the food court. M managed to reach there after 25 minutes, totally drenched, but his earphones still dangling from his ears like some retard who does not know that’s it’s not appropriate to use these devices during rains or storms. But then, when you know you are half an hour late to a coveted movie show, it’s well enough a measure I think to act deaf towards prosecutors. Luckily, we didn’t have the mentality to act like one, and instead, hurried into the hall. Let me say, that the movie we went for is ‘The Inception’ by Christopher Nolan, starring Leonardo de Caprio. And I think that’s enough said. Even it’s not (for you), it’s your loss, am not repenting. The four of us got decent seats, as selected earlier only. The rest three settled down, and I was just going to settle down with ease, when I noticed one of my relative just two rows in front of me. Invariably I took another five minutes to duck in a bit more inside so that he can’t see me well from his position.

Movie was already on, and even though we missed around half an hour, catching up was not a big problem. I thought so and realized my mistake until M started cribbing about not getting anything out of it during the interval. The rest time went the same way, uneventful. Got requests from friends on Twitter to give reviews about the film, which am not for here anyway. Did some tweets, caught up with missed calls and gave replies to texts. My stomach was already on strike and honking loudly. So, we decided to go for our next stop which as previously decided, was TTK, Garia.

Two RBs, one TB, eight LPs were what we finally decided on. Well, for readers, I bet the Greekness of the previous line has been the most till date. Since who orders TB, LPs at restaurants? Well, TB, RBs are popular abbreviations for Tikka Butter and Reshmi Butter dishes, which are our favorites from that place. And LP is my own instantaneous usage standing for Lachha Parantha, in case you haven’t managed to decipher it yet. Don’t think of it as anything related to Linkin Park please. It has got nothing to do with them.
All four of us ate like maniacs, me and M repetitively taking pride on the fact that the place was our favorites from our school days some four years back. And with S already in love with the place too since I took her there last week, seemed G also had fallen for it. Our pleasure! :)

The long story cut short due to various other non-mentionable incidents, here is what worth mentioning – the take off. I and M planned for one final meet before he goes off to Mumbai for higher studies, and me going back to Siliguri for my even more important times ahead. Times spent like this are rare, rarer (as S pointed out that day) when we got to share big laughs and little pleasures with friends from long pasts. Times spent like this are valuable, only if money spent behind can be lessened. I ended this article in such a quirky note, what art thee?

[ P.S. This maybe my worst ending to any article till date. Never mind, intentional it was. Hope you check the others for validating the claim.]


2 thoughts on “The four guys and Nolan..

  1. Aha! A lovely post after such a long time! I feel like victorious already.

    Nice to know that ” noticed one of my relative just two rows in front of me”! I guess M was not aware of it. :D

    A lovely day spent, ‘nuf said. And don’t let this memory get lost in oblivion.

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