A procrastinated Sunday post..

Never knew Sundays could be this boring and more, this sad. I woke up much late in the morning, sleeping late last night (which is obvious) and then, when I woke up I was bombarded with loads and loads of work waiting for me. The list goes like this –
1. I have got my own studies and project works. Regarding studies, I need to run parallely 2-3 heavyweight languages and subjects, which is tough! And then again, I have got to work on the Cryptography related Java project that we took up. Irritating being the fact is that the other guys/girls who are working with me in this project are not upto that mark to work on the same, and as a result they have chosen this project invariably to procrastinate and making weird excuses for the same. SHOULD I need to mention here how much I hate them?

2. Dad has been up with this training and study schedule of his which he pointed out that won’t be able to work on his own. And here you go, he is pushing out works on me. I would have liked to get them done for him, but again being bossy on the deadline doesn’t work on me too well. Deadlines are always so prevalent in my life for the last 1-2 years that I have already grown tired of the same, well, apparently. Works are always welcome (wicked smile).

3. Our tour plan of Mumbai – Goa – Pune have been cancelled, thanks to me (and that’s the saddest part). This year CAT has been planned earlier than it happens the other times, and hence is the amendment. I thought about managing it for a while, but then, breaking of concentration and preparation level while enjoying that good a tour will not be a very wise decision.

4. I don’t have anything more to add up to a post written exactly a week (read 7 * 24 hours) back. So procrastinating I am. Not often though.


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