My intern story

I knew I will be this busy again when I come back to Kolkata this time. And I knew the situation is not going to change much from the previous time. I remember of days six months ago when I would go out of home at 10am in the morning and return back, tired and weak, at 10pm in the night. And what followed was my intent tries to make myself comfortable, mom pushing foods and water for me to devour, and me trying to get cool. The same is going on this time too. The last time it was winter, and this summer just made this stint much worse. Actually more worse than I can express here.
I thought of doing my internship this time in (of @doubts) and I believe it was almost final when things broke down. Broke down in literary sense. And that breaking continues still. I snapped, and that I did after a l-o-n-g time, publicly. Anyways, that was a failed internship and a different story altogether. Not that I would have been dying to join it, since I have this nonchalant interest of having a specific species as my colleagues there. I don’t want to get into the intricacies and controversies, so I will *force* myself to stop here only.
The internship I have been doing now (on Cryptography in Indian Statistical Institute, Baranagar) is putting me in a much better place than I would have been if I have not joined it and joined the previous one instead. The major reason is the very status of the institute – hope I don’t have to talk anything more about the same. And for distractors who think in the same line as the green brigade of our city (Mamata Banerjee’s ofcourse), you can go to hell! Well, anyday! :)
Our mentor there has been the most awesome *guy* we have managed to come in contact with. He teaches, he shares, he laughs, he jokes, he cribs with us. Not to mention my awesome colleagues here too. It would not have been better anyway. With the new guy off the block joining us here, I got a new friend also. Thanks to him!
Though Cryptography is a vast subject, the need of a strong mathematical base and a stronger need of sound logic has made me totally comfortable with it. I now realise some of the misdeeds few of our friends used to do in our school days with puzzles and cracks are so much the same as applications of Cryptography. I shared few of our tricks with our mentor and he did the same with us too. Such interesting applicability the subject has!

The last time I talked to my bro from the US he told about the need of making up a strong academic base now, before diving into the industrial sector. Initially I didn’t use to believe the same and was working on the positives and negatives of the same. But finally I got into the same line with him. With studies for CAT, for my upcoming placement, for my internship, things are so heavy and mixed up now, forget about a good balance of the same. Though possibly I have been topping my centre for CAT prep, things are not as satisfying as I would have liked to be. Moreover, I need to divert a part of my time to the other studies that I have kept lined up for the past few weeks. So, altogether, you can imagine, it’s a complex situation here. The need of the hour is making up a proper routine, and to follow up the same. And that’s where my weakness lies, since am more of an instinctive guy. Sticking to a routine makes me crib, and sulk. :)

Yesterday I got a call from Shruti, asking me to get regular on LOC (which I could not attend much from the time I returned here), and I have been pretty much adamant this time to keep aside half an hour from my daily works to write on LOC. As a Intern Student Co-ordinator there, I do have my share of responsibilites I agree. As LOC have been neglected lately, so is TTS and also NB’s work. Am totally fused!

Time to make a balance and work accordingly. This post is just going to be my reminder to self when I distract myself and sit down to watch a movie or plug-in my iPod. Cheers to me!


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