World Cup, Burger times and first few days at home

#1. Well, this has been not that bad a week at home till now. When I came back I didn’t realise that I will be out of touch with most of my peeps in this amount, I mean in this heavy way. Though I should have realised the same given the sorry state of internet at my home. Since I don’t stay here, parents have not really tried much to get a stable connection, and hence my sorry state with it when I come here. Now that am here, I think am going to come back with my idiosyncracies and more and more technology writings here, in style.

#2. World Cup has been totally unpredictable till now. ‘Totally’ used obviously for the reason that Brazil and Argentina both have been ousted from the tournament in the Quarters. Given the huge football fanatics that we Kolkata people are, things were quite unwanted for every football fans here. But then, you have to accept the way things work. And I believe that’s the beauty of the game.

#3. When I was in the last days of my previous semester exams, I was always thinking of getting some time out for myself to do some exhaustive and detailed blogposts on how much I missed posting here. Even I was planning to post some funny and at the same time foolish pictures of out times in hostel and also of times outside together with friends, which invariably include S, A, B etc. As of now, don’t think I will be able to pull up all the endeavour to plan things and go on with the same. But since I have thought about the same, I will put up some pictures here. Maybe this time our little happy time of burger making at home will top the list! :)

And that makes me eager to post about how efficiently I have been progressing these days with my cooking. Though not much, but then again, it’s a big inspiration to myself – to make good foods.

#4. Ah, internship!

Things have been going good in this front too. Sumit sir over there has been cool enough and given the enthusiasts we are, things are rolling good. Already we have been given topics for presentation and S and A have already been on with their ones. And I will be the next one up with Permutation Cipher in my sleeves. It’s fun!

#5. The moment I knew I was going to be away from a steady internet connection, the first thing that came to my mind that I will be off from my many daily basis works on the internet. And little wonder that I have missed many things all these days. But now that am again on, hoping to make things steady again, gradually.

Already it’s 2am here, and mom has threatened me twice for being up for so late. So, I guess I need to sign off for tonight. But this time, not long, I can say you are going to get much more from me soon! :)


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