The packing session and workloads

Well, it has been quite a few days that I could not muster much courage in me and come here and spend some time with you all. I was having my exams, the final semester of my pre-final year. And guess what, in two months I will be having my final year days starting and wriggling and coughing and smirking all over me. What a pity!

#1. Well, that day I was having this very peculiar thoughts of my college days till now. Normally these thoughts are not much known to my mind, but that day when I overslept, and was still cuddling in my couch even after waking up and refusing to leave it, I had this sudden burst of thoughts pouring out of nowhere and shoving me across, and putting me in a position where am bound to give it a li’l space in my mind and some importance along with it. And there I go, I stayed there, with the same posture for an hour more, thinking and reminiscing few happenings and nostalgic enjoyments that all these three years will always be remembered for. The staunch believer that I am, I never thought I will be allowing these eerie thoughts inside of me and spend a good part of an hour hovering around with them, but then, what to say, it happened!

#2. I will be having my internship this time in Indian Statistical Institute(ISI), Baranagar in Kolkata, and am sure this is going to be a tough one, in the sense that we have chosen a topic as vast and relevant as ‘Cryptography’ and no wonder, we will need to give our best to work on the same. Besides, am having these writing internships and also the other review specific jobs too. So, handling all these things altogether, that too in a well-balanced manner, time is going to fly this time again, alike the previous one. I was pressurizing myself to stop thinking about my CAT preparations, but I tell you, this one pressure is also there along with the previous ones. So, you know!

#3. Every time I come to blog, I make up my mind of posting numbers of pictures and screenshots for all those things that are happening in my life lately. But somehow, the sucker of a white, clear interface that I am, I end up looking into and cherishing the ever-simple white interface of this blog, and as a result, end up not posting any pics, fearing those are going to hamper the peacefulness around.

#4. Time to move. I think I will need to spend a better part of tomorrow packing for my journey back home. Not tomorrow, on better thoughts, I think I will need to start packing today only, but at night. Before that I have these many tasks to work on – visiting the center for my magazine of this month, then straight to meet S and S for the printout of our previous Linux project and also I think I need to hit the market once, for reasons I am not much sure about.


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