Technology is a warfare..

Technology is a warfare. Yeah, you heard right. The way all the major Tech companies – namely Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook etc. (you may well notice the absence or rather the intended leaving out of Microsoft) have been coming up with newer and newer web based and offline applications and usabilities for their own user-bases, it’s obvious that things are really heating up!
It all started last November with the announcement of Windows 7 Operating System by Microsoft. They took the pain to market this so-waited product with so much value that even people from far-off countries got goodies and free DVDs from MS to organise Windows 7 launching party. We had our fair shares too, and trust me, it was too much fun!

Then came Twitter. Although Twitter is not in the game of Operating systems, but it can be said with enough confidence that it’s the most talked about Technical company today, all around the world. I, myself, have been quite active on the platform for the last one and a half years, and I really appreciate that it’s there. Twitter’s ‘Chirp Conference’ earlier the previous month saw world’s budding and already-famous developers gather in Palo Alto and let the CEOs, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, and others share the Twitter dreams with all of them. It’s said that with the ‘Chirp Conference’, Twitter has gone to a new height.
The funny part of the warfare as I said before is that, when one rival gets an upper hand, the others can’t just sit behind and watch. Next came Facebook, well aware and ready to take on. Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg also opened the Keynote of this year’s ‘F8 Conference’ and that too was a huge success too. But not much did Mark knew that the newly laid Privacy Features will pull his comoany in such troubled waters. The media coverage and outrages among the users have gone to such extent that recently an article on ‘Mashable’ recorded him say that Facebook is coming up with simpler privacy features soon. We, as mere users, can only hope!

Now, if you are asked to choose a company whose features and ideas you like the most, as I have seen among my friends and accomplices, ‘Google’ is always the option. If anyone of you go through the book ‘Google – The story behind’ by David A. Vise, your respect for the company’s ideals will increase manifold. Google also came up with its Developer Conference as recent as last week. And guess, what apart from announcing the advent of ‘Froyo'(from Frozen Yougurt) – the new version of Android OS, the most exciting thing Google has come up with is Google TV. Thanks to them, now you can watch as well as surf internet videos on the same screen. As per notification, the product will be in market from the later part of the year.
Now lets talk about Apple. Steve Jobs being the CEO, what more one needs to say about the company, and good enough that the products also have lived upto every expectations worldwide. Steve Jobs also announced the market launch of the much-coveted iPad earlier this year. And now, it being available already, feedbacks are quite positive on all fronts. And now TechCrunch announces that Apple is going to have another Developers Conference, named Worldwide Developer’s Conference(WWDC) very soon.
So, with all the happenings all around, we are just mere user bases all the above said companies always vie for. With all the advancements, let’s see how things turn out for betterment.


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