Exams and a few outings..

Well, exams are much near now. Much nearer than I wish it was.
For us, things are going on a pretty flow though. In the sense that, you know you have got to through a lot of texts and studying. And when you do so, you feel so refreshed and confident, with the new found vigor and rationality.
The weather has been quite fine here for the last week, the sign of an oncoming monsoon (is it not already on btw?) making this place so cool all throughout the day and night. And that has been till now good for us.
Already in this week, we have had not one, two but three visits to Dominos – first one was when me, S and A met after a long time, and there were too many stuffs to catch up on. The next time, S had a visitor – a school friend to meet after about three years. So, what can be better than to chat and catch up (again!) and at the same time have good times with foods than Dominos? Well, we had to make a check of the economical sides too, but then not always you get the chance to meet and enjoy with a close friend staying at a far off place. And then, today we met R and S, again at Dominos, and the two had the most awesome deep crust Chicken Golden Delight Pizza I have ever had. I guess the last line (i.e. “I have ever had”) already makes you realize that we got a part from them too. Ha-ha
And obviously when we were so close to the favourite place that has the best Butter Corn, things became simpler. We had Corn with ‘generous helping of butter’ (as the menu read) and the Cappuccino from there. S was trying to have a bite or two from the Live Bakery too, but unlucky it didn’t give us much choice today, which we later realized that was tour good only. ‘Coz you know too much of these stuffs has the chance of not going well with our systems.
So, upto this time what we did was to just eat, eat and eat. After R and S left (they seemed to have a very good time with themselves and am so happy about that) and we had the Corn chapter over, time was to hit the local market to do some shopping, which apparently was more needed for S but turned out that I made some better deals than her. When we came out after half an hour, my hands were full but S was still planning about when to hit next. So very unnatural for here I must say!
That day I realized how little I spend my times these days taking snaps of places I visit and foods I eat. This was a very enjoying part till early this year, when I realized that all I used to do is not of much help, until and unless I get a good camera for myself.
And if things go well (as planned), maybe I will be getting one for myself during this fall, just before the Pujas.
I wish I could have posted the deep crust Chicken Golden Delight Pizza we had today here, but sigh!

[“American Corn with mayonnaise Oregano, lemon juice, green chillies”
D sent me this today when I was having a small chat with here over texts, and that’s when I realized that I HAVE TO hit the food counters today, yet again!]


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