Another late night post

#1. It’s 2.29 am in the morning, and I know I HAD to make this post; otherwise I won’t be able to sleep well tonight, obviously with the ridiculous numbers of words that will eventually keep gagging my head all throughout the night.

I was going through the posts from Julie and Pia of Book Travellers Inc.:, the blog I love absolutely since I stumbled upon it sometime last year. And after that I forgot the link completely, sulked for days and cursed myself incessantly for forgetting. And then somehow again I stumbled upon it. But this time I made it a point to add it to my blogroll very cautiously. And here I am, going through the posts on the blog like a mad guy, falling in love with life and books and movies and travelling all over again and again. The posts made me realize again how less difference there can be between two individuals and between what they like and exactly what they think about a certain thing. Or maybe about an incident.
I think what the blog gets to do to me the most is – it gives me the inspiration I always look for, in the form of a new culture and with new books and newer new things. But I fear that maybe a slow progress from them can do harm to my mindset too, and so, dependency should be minimized.

Banner from Julie and Pia's blog

#2. Well, I was just going to make a blunder some half an hour ago, and I also thank God I was just going to do it. It’s sometimes good to learn the hard way, as they say. I realize that 5 years experience in blogging is not much to boast about, since I know many of my fellow bloggers, who are much more regular and intense with their blogging passion and who are being there for some 8-10 years or so. Still I have to share this.
The thing is that I had a Blogger/Blogspot page first when I was in my plus 2 days, around late 2006. I remember on a certain Sunday morning I was so so motivated by the concept of blogging after I read a nicely written article on Graphiti (that comes every Sunday with The Telegraph) that I could not stop myself from hurrying to a nearby Cyber Café in that afternoon only and create the first ever blog for myself. I was always too much into writing diaries and stuffs like that. So, when I read that I can even have a cyber existence like the same and can access and read from anywhere in the world, I never stopped smiling with content.

Blogger was a nightmare of course.

Although as Google claims that Blogger/Blogspot has been much improved these days, but come on man, it’s not even as close in simplicity, efficiency and privacy to WordPress. I left Blogger for WordPress on January last year (i.e. 2009). Which makes this current blog of mine a little more than a year old, but my original footprint was on Blogger. And again I was going to make the same mistake of almost getting convinced that I can move from WP to Blogger. I mean, what the hell I was thinking?

Maybe I had been going through some very cool and well-maintained blogs recently; also my love for Google’s simple and glossy white appearance played a great trick on me. Actually a greater percentage of the second reason dished with a substantial percentage of the first can be called the culprit.

I am now saved though. Thanks to Blogger only, who again proved itself how idiotic it can be while managing the editing part of a new post.

Am cursing myself that I have overlooked all the aspects of my steady visitors and feeds and linking to the many blog directories and everything related to this blog when EVER I thought about moving to Blogger.

I liked this concept of Ted from HIMYM (In case you don’t know what ‘How I met your Mother’ probably is, Bugger!) of writing a letter addressing to an older self about the feelings and reasons of break up with a girl and how much of a ‘bitch’ that girl can be, so that he will be saved reading the letter in due time, in case he thinks of going back to the same girl. This blog post actually is meant to serve the same purpose for me.

Finally, thanks to you all for your valuable time here. I will try to keep my blogging spree intact. You must know that am going to have my pre-Final exams from next to next week (which, I note to self, is NOT at all much far) and not yet sure if I will be able to come back to this page for posting in a regular manner. But I will try, also reminding myself of the many other writing assignments I have to take care of, parallely.


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