Cappuccino and the Street Foods

“Rains have done the trick”, I said to myself.
And in return she guffawed “No dear, you are always like the one standing in front of me.”

Well, me and S were talking about the uninhibited lust for coffee or anything with a tinge tasting remotely like caffeine. Not that this one is a new phenomena, but unscrupulous as it is, this time, the lust seems to overpowering both of us. Café Latte and Cappuccino are to blame, she says. And I added Expresso to the list.
The last time I saw a real good movie in the theatres was ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron, and all the tries I afforded myself to better it went to vain. I also saw ‘The Hurt Locker’ on my laptop and am yet to make out the reasons for why it managed to fair better in the Oscars than ‘Avatar’. Now I may seem like moved to a very high extent by the movie, when actual fact is that am not. I just happen not to get a better film to watch than it.
Me and S saw ‘Kites’ that day in Inox, and let me tell you that it was hopelessly pathetic. I am still at loss of words regarding how the so-called grounded director-actor duo managed to dream big surrounding the poor storyline of the movie. Barbara Mori, the Spanish actress was fine enough in her jobs though. Hrithik was fine too, but this was the first time I felt even a Hrithik Roshan alone is not enough for a movie to work well. Surprising to realize ourselves that we have grown up so much!
It was during Kites that Cappuccino did the trick. Till that day Cappuccino was a mere regular, just present for the sake of it, and never big and important enough to vie for. But now, that Cappuccino, which eventually gave us the strength to tolerate sitting throughout the movie, has stood apart! Now I can safely line it beside Café Latte, the later one being the standard I always used to hold. During the times unlike now when I used to be a CCD regular Café Latter was in my Cold Coffee favourite areas, and thanks to the recent developments, it has manage to trespass to the hotter region too.
I started watching shows as Podcasts, and also thanks to iTunes have been downloading the episodes one by one. Yesterday night around 1.30 am I finished downloading the recent episode. And while going through I was like “YAY, I just got the best food show podcast ever!!” and was dancing around the room in a such a weird way that my roomie and other hostel-mates were looking at me with frowns as if I have recently got mad. Well, I can’t help when things are even remotely and delicately related to good foods! Vendr.TV and Daniel Delaney (@danieldelaney on Twitter), the host of the show has been awesome. Every week (though am not sure about the telecasting frequency of the TV show) they cover a Street Food cart or Local Cafes moving regularly throughout a long stretch of the various cities in the US, and as Dan puts it the aim is to ”pick out the best Street food habits in the whole of America”. Well, talking about Street Food delicacies I wish Dan could have covered India too, for as for us, though the food habits may not be as diverse and international as in America (for example Vendr.TV covers like Japanese, Italian, Bosnian etc. food cultures), but certainly it’s rich. Namely places like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi are oh-so-famous for street food habits. In this context I have to mention that am not much acquainted about the Street Food cultures of the other Indian cities. And I will like my readers to make some valuable inputs here for that matter.
These days the main advantage one gets is the exposure one can get through the social media networking sites. Like among all the episodes of Vendr.TV I went through (and that’s like about 10 of them till now), I was amazed to discover that even a small roadside food carts had their own domains and even Facebook and Twitter acoounts, and even more than one of them claimed that they get regular offers from office goers through their websites and Twitter @mentions and DMs. When I think about the same thing here in India, I can’t go further and soon enough I need myself to stop tracking down the wild dreams. Apologizing if I sound pessimistic enough. And in case, if any budding entrepreneurs are going through this post right now, you may have just got a new idea for the perfect start-up you were looking for all these times! :)



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