Road, Tweetie and Echofon

#1. Well, could not come back here last night due to constraints in both time and internet connection. This month’s internet being recharged recently, I made a point to use it more for updating and working on softwares essential for my recently formatted laptop. So, I was more inclined to work on those aspects and when it was too late, noticed that my blog was still starving for my yesterday’s post. Will try to fill up for it today.

#2. Watched ‘Road,movie’ and liked it much. I liked its direction (courtesy Dev Benegal) and acting of course, thanks to Abhay Deol, Satish Kaushik and Tannistha Chatterjee. Abhal Deol indeed has proved himself as a much mature actor and the way he is working on himself is appreciable enough. Not to mention his choice of movies too. Tannistha Chatterjee doesnot have the glamour and oomph to suit well in the Bollywood’s charismatic industry, but she is also a good actress. And for these types of actors the only thing to vie for is their skills and expressions. Both Abhay Deol and Tannistha have been improving that way. The movie has got a good storyline. it has shown how quentessentially we learn everything ourselves through our journey through the rough roads of our life. And on the way we do make friends, share emotions, fight for love, give respect and be sad in near one’s demise. Road has been instrumental to be showing all these aspects of life in a very smooth way, making the audience think and brood upon.

#3. Tweetdeck and Seesmic – the toughest technological confusion I have been facing recently. Like, you use both of them. And end prefering the one you are using currently and yet at the end of the day you will not be much sure about which one to ditch for the other. But the way Tweetdeck has been adding up feature and tweaking itself to betterment, not long that it will be necessary than a mere choice. During my latest studies on the API and web application development, that day was going thru a blog by a guy who have been closely related to Twitter’s developments from the very first days of 2006 or so. His statistics told that upto early 2008, the most used application for Twitter was Twitter web, followed by Twhirl, Twettirific, Tweetdeck, in that order. And dramatically, at the end part of 2008, though Twitter web was still the winning one, but among the third party apps, Tweetdeck was already leading, putting back the then leader Twettirific and Twhirl to the backseat. Though Twettirific’s main disadvantage that it’s solely for the Mac platform, and that way it has been losing a large numbers of Windows user-base, but am sure they don’t complain, as long as they become one of the most sought after Mac OSX’s Twitter client.
On the iPhone and iPad platform these days though Tweetie has become the sole winner, even putting back the other famous third party apps, and specially Echofon. And Tweetie again gets winner’s edge this time when Twitter announced it free for everyone in the said platform. Though one part of Echofon’s CEO knew they can atleast beat Tweetie someway or the other since it was not free all these days. But that hope have been already lost, altogether. But that doesn’t prove any inability or sort for Echofon surely. It’s still my best Firefox Twitter extension. I only hope that it implements the same codec for access as Chrome extension/plugin too. With the Google Chrome OS just on way to be released late in 2010, it is just as much necessary for Echofon to be well-floating in the market.
The most important aspect of Tweetie is its simplicity and efficiency. Otherwise how can you justify that it’s the most used mobile phone based third party application although it is supported only in Mac(namely iPhone) and Mac OSX?
To know more about Echofon please visit:
To know more about Tweetie please visit:
To know more about TweetDeck please visit:
To know more about Seesmic:


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