Rains and the evening!

Well, people look for and pray for and crave for rains when they get upset baring their life to the intense Sun and the heat and humidity they have to suffer. I fall in the same category too, and am sure everyone of you reading this post are too. But, when it overdoes, I mean when rain overdoes, does extreme flooding of roads accompanies with its longtime friend, the Norwesters or the Kalbaishakhi, destroying lives, crops, buildings, we are the one who get disgusted and curse it. Such a vicious cycle of life we follow on a everyday basis. And it IS applicable for almost all the aspects of life. We only love what we love. We like to see life in the way we WANT to see it, and are never ready to accept the negativities it brings with it, if at all.

To begin with, trust me if I say I never wanted my starting para of this post to be like the one it has ended to become. But somehow, it is so, and it’s the bitter fact. When a writer is in flow, he/she never knows when there should be a limit, the red line to the flow of words, to the flow of emotions, of the creativity, of the necessary outburst of feelings, and he/she goes on and on rambling and babbling and penning all that comes to him. I started this evening with a positive note, looking at the bright sides of life, accompanied by bright futuristic companions, and always I want and wish to end it the same way.

Philosophy apart, the rains today made my day the way I wish I had it always. Had a great time with a friend in the evening, chatting and leg pulling and discussing and philosophising almost all the stuffs that came our way. I was more busy with my works though, multitasking! And then, had the most awesome home-made sandwich I had ever had, thanks to her! But never saw, rain was so prolific outside. I was ready for the battle. Came out. It was a battered and lonely street, rains falling voraciously, few places waterlogged, very few people on the road, and the ones have managed to keep themselves quietly tugged under the roadside shop’s covers. I saw a couple barely managing themselves under a single umbrella, getting drenched as well as having a wonderful time together. I saw an old beggar, fighting for a little place under the shade of a shop, his richer human friends giving dirty looks and even seem to be ready enough to throw him out in the disaster. I saw a guy running fast, jumping intently over the little poodles of water in the streets. He definitely had some priorities in life, either to meet a certain partner who maybe waiting for him for a long time or he is impatient enough to keep himself waiting under a shade for when the rain is going to stop. Life goes on!

I forgot all these times I was just standing still in the middle of the road and watching all around, my mind completely on the life that’s still thriving around me, apparently. Cars racing past me spitted some dirty water from the adjacent roadside poodle. I didn’t mind. It was my time of liberation, of a time I always enjoy to my heart’s content.


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