Kites and the planecrash

#1. Kites was the one that gave me the reason not to go to home during this short break. And Kites is the one that disappointed me so much yesterday. I was just waiting for this movie to ‘happen’, after the disastrous shits named ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘My Name is Khan’ from the two big Khans happen in Bollywood. I was like waiting to show them that things are not that cliche nowadays and that everything should have an international appeal, a movie should be for the global audience if you are marketing it so voraciously and not only for the typical Indian public who like to spend more time in the theatres to whistle at the actress’ bare thighs or the actor’s shirt-opening act. These things are a passe!
And Hrithik, WTF dude! Have you forgot how to bring out the best from the directors? And how COULD you go for this storyline as a movie? Presence of a foreign actress can’t ONLY do anything at all! Wake up!

#2. Such a worse day! Woke up today with a phone call ringing disaster everywhere in the country. I mean, what the hell is happening all around? Have everyone gone nuts? How can a political leader be PUBLICLY murdered when he had 10 armed security guards all around him, not to mention his personal bodyguards? If you check today’s The Telegraph, you can even catch up a khaki-uniformed Police running to save his ass. Now, YOU are supposed to save the common people, you public servants!!!
Also got to hear about the deadly plane crash in Mangalore. 166 people the plane was carrying, survivors only 8, even passengers have been found charred inside the plane with their seatbelts on. I don’t have much expression to use to express how deeply one can be ‘disturbed’ by this, yes, you heard right, disturbed! Don’t have a stable TV here in hostel, so depending upon youtube only for the live videos.


3 thoughts on “Kites and the planecrash

  1. Yes, what all is going on all around is just not accepted. A bad week indeed!!

    I specially liked the topic of your writing, it caught me for a few seconds!

  2. so you were disappointed by kites. have you heard of the remix version by brett ratner? it’s shortened by 40 min for the international audience. that’s the one they should have released in india.

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