The Podcast times and etc.

I loved listening to radio shows and other talk shows that I used to watch on TV. Long that I got out of home, staying in a city approximately 650kms away from home. That has got nothing to do with the topic of the post, but don’t know why still I mentioned it. Maybe that day talking to Sagnik(a dear friend of mine) have brought in me these ideas.
Anyways, Podcasts, like what are they? It’s nothing but the audio talk shows that are primarily supposed to be used on iPod formats only, and that’s why it’s named ‘Pod’casts and nothing else. Atleast, my understanding says so. But since, currently, i don’t own an iPod(which I think am going to own soon) I keep myself updated on the podcasts listening them on my cellphone media player when am on move and on iTunes library in my laptop. That day someone told how much uncommon it is to find people listening to podcasts, but then again I have got a very different bunch of friends who start their days listening to podcasts while jogging in the morning, while driving to work, during breaks at work and again while driving back to home from work. Now they have got high end gadgets to keep themselves up and get all the latest podcasts downloaded manually or automatically, if they wish. For our place, finding an open wi-fi connection is not that common and even if you get one, not always that you get out from home packing your not-that-lightweight laptop in your backpack. Having an iPod or an iPad helps this way. Not even thinking so big (that’s what my fellow Indians ‘like’ to believe), even having a smartphone helps.
My love for podcasts got its required push since when I started using iTunes as my primary music library manager, and trust me, it helps manifold. And iTunes store is just aweome, in every sense. I wish and hope that the very recently announced (am referencing about #GoogleI/O conference, catch them up @googleio in Twitter) Google App Store is going to be as par in its efficiency and usability of apps as the Apple iTunes Store. Don’t laugh at this expectation for God’s sake, am much of an Apple Fanboy as much as of Google. Hate Microsoft anyways, though! :)
Thanks to my gregarious habits that I keep on torturing my dilapitated laptop beyond it’s supposed to be done. My iTunes podcasts colelction almost needed to be changed its place from its original place in My Documents just to save it from being overloading my C drive and thus also saving my OS. And now I made a unavoidable mistake of somehow deleting the boot.dll file from the machine (thanks to my antivirus which is Avast currently) that I need to get a quick format of my machine ASAP. But Fedora is there already, from where am currently doing this post, so, it’s doing fine enough to save my ass.
Of all the podcasts that I ‘love’ to go through the recent favourites have been ‘You look Nice Today’, better known as ‘YLNT'(@ylnt on Twitter) which I got to know about recently from none other than Alex Payne(@al3x on Twitter), the Developer who curently left Twitter to co-found ‘BankSimple’. Among other podcasts, ‘Diggination’, ‘net@night’ by LeoLaporte(@leolaporte on Twitter) and Amber Mac(@ambermac on Twitter), ‘Microsoft Talk’ by Abhishek Bakshi(@baxiabhishek on Twitter) and Mannan Kakkar(@mannan on Twitter) are my current favs as I tend to go through them more than the other equals. Like the addiction has gone to such extent that my frequency of listening to songs have been lessened much to squeeze in time for podcasts. And with fresh episodes of @ylnt being downloading right now, am surely going to have a good time ahead!

I meant to criticize and talk about some of the podcasts thought but I think I will not continue to do with the same in this post only. i promise to come back with some other recommendations of Podcasts soon enough, with some more detailed approach to the individual series. Till then, ciao!


2 thoughts on “The Podcast times and etc.

  1. Nice post. I have always been curious about podcasts but never really sure about which kind i’ll spend time listening to. Maybe I’ll try out the ylnt thing. Thanks and keep writing!

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