Lookback 1.3

#1. Rains have been consistently regular these days in this part of the world, and ‘this part’ invariably should not be taken in a MUCH broader sense by people who have already started being jealous reading the first line. I know how tough it is to endure the unendurable heat and humidity that invariably defines the summer of Kolkata, but then again all the nineteen years I have spent in that city never ceased to make me love it any less, just for the reason that it’s hot enough during this times, every year. I think this blogpost can’t come out in a better time. I got a break due to the postponement of our exams (Thanks to the stupid WBUT) and the first thing that clicked on my mind is to give a visit to my home/homecity/motherland blah blah blah, but then I got practical. Like who deliberately wants to go to a pace that boasts of a temperature 10 degree celsius above in average than the place when am currently living in. This may sound utterly selfish and disgusting to the folks who are now sweating off disgracefully while reading this post, but I can’t help dudes. I don’t much think myself of that heretic willing goat of the heatwave-sacrifice.

#2. Blogposts, I know, have been much less in frequency from my side these days. And am myself is much worried about the same. With a tremendous low-key internet connection these days am much off the grid, if you have not noticed already. All my twitter and facebook updates are not being undone though, but then again you can always use your cell phone to do so, but you can’t use it to make a blog post. Facebook, after announcing its privacy policies, have been too disgusting these days I believe. When you go overboard you need to learn when to stop and look back to the ones you left behind. And going overboard doesn’t only mean showing to the world what being Mark Zuckerberg means, but also it mean to make Mark Zuckerberg learn what carrying people with yourself mean. Don’t think this you should learn from me, dude!

#3. Writing have been irregular too. After I joined ‘The Tossed Salad’ last month, till now managed to come out with ‘The Namesake’ only for it. And that too the review got rave reviews as well as got criticised. I think that’s a part of a writer’s life and only can be used as something positive enough to learn from. I didn’t sulk or crib, for God’s sake. Thanks to ‘The Tossed Salad’ I got some good peers. Oh, by the way, you can see the review in this site: http:/thetossedsalad.com

#4. Like I said things are much boring here these days, since you don’t much have a lot of stuffs to do, and also though that may mean you are wasting a lot of precious time, you may also be proved wrong. Not wasting precisely. The tough job lately is to keep my pace up with the various interests that I pursue. Like when am writing I need to concentrate fully on it only, when am desiging the businees card for a friend (whom for long I had promised to do one for) I have concentrate on designing, when am doing my HTML+CSS coding works then also one needs to work hard. I didn’t mentioned my primary job that is studying. Phew!

#5. The ‘Alpha-Buddies’ list that I keep on Twitter is the dope I realise that keeps me going on a daily level. Not much I love these days to be on Twitter and I decreased my followings dramatically to an alltime low, just to get rid of the redundancies and the unwanted ones. Stupidity have been much advertised on Twitter and Facebook, when you really do not have much of moral polices to keep tab on yourself.

I think am going to put this blog right as a part of my ‘Lookback series’. And hoping to pull up a few more posts for the days coming too!
Till then,ciao!


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