All the happenings around..

Well, this is just another casual time-killing post, as you may call it, but what I wanted is not more than time killing though, I agree.

Maintaining a blog with daily ranges of posts is such a hurdle I realise ‘coz of the simple fact that you don’t always get the similar amount or quality of interests and inspirations on a daily basis to express yourself. I regularly go through few of the blogs many of my accomplices as well as friends maintain, or pretend to maintain(whatever!), and I see the same scenario at the docks their too, and wonder why!

Unlike them, I think I should post regularly, as much as I can should be a complementary freedom to whatever I do on a certain day. A blogpost at the end of the day should be my award to myself.

By the way, I don’t have ANY idea why I named this post like this, may be ‘coz I started writing it wanting to write about Twitter’s latest bigtime conference @chirp.

Look what I ended into!


2 thoughts on “All the happenings around..

  1. Nice post, I like this kind of random thinking in a post, really appreciate it.

    And the thing you have mentioned, “A blogpost at the end of the day should be my award to myself” is a healthy booster. I don’t know about others, but certainly gave me a reason to stick to blogging.

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