The unlikely post..

Sitting in the college canteen can be the most boring job if you happen to be the last person to reach there, or is the one who have been denied his fair share of coffee after waiting in the long queue for a long time, long enough to get him greased in the hair strands or sweat from the unnecessary humidity that this summer season has got to offer.

Also the person you were talking to and gossipping with also have left you with a clear intention of doing better in her grades in the ongoing senmester, leaving to think of the degeneration that one is not going to go much further, anyway.

And that’s precisely the moment you get the call from within to feel the vibe that your heart was longing for all this time, the vibe of some creativity. Also the long pending to-do lists which have gone to such an extent without proper handling that you need to set up another to-do list to maintain the already existing to-do lists.

Things were not like this before. Nothing was this unlikely, as this post, which is now acting as the perfect ensemble to go through the patch of boreness and stupidity of doing nothing, at all. Also things are not always good, like when even here you get misunderstood by the one sitting beside you for nothing at all and get rebuked. Phew! Things are tough on this earth, unlike they say.

I thought and tried to make it better, which is so like me, unlike the unlike stuffs and happenings above. But still, not that it was likely supposed to be good enough to perform.

Oh! One more match today of my favourtie teams, and hopefully I will be not much left without watching and going through it. Also the to-do lists, remember? That was a note to self.

BTW, see you around!

[N.B. I could have written more, had she smiled!]


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