IPLs and ‘The Namesake’s

So, here comes the season of IPL again, and am again left wondering (alike the last time last year) about how fast REALLY time runs. Weird that incident as trivial as IPL lets me realise these bonkers and not other really tough stuffs like exams and seminars. Even a birthday fails to make me realise this. I knew not am this weirdo.

Anyways, alike the last time (and as always) am a keen supporter for the Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) even after the disastrous show they had last time. Even today I get boo-ed by friends for that. Luckily last night the superb piece of captaincy by Dada saved my ass from being booed again (pun unintended).

I remember my school days when I used to be the supreme powerful one to fight and debate loudly whenever topics as subtle as well as intense as ‘Sachin vs Sourav’ used to come across. I remember a certain Indrashis to be the ultimate Sourav Ganguly fan who used to claim Dada is a better batter than Sachin, and these funky claims about the southpaw used to disturb and perturb us so so much that we used to even pass the whole nights debating and debating and debating.

Only it was after Sourav’s comeback from Greg Chappell’s so-called so-famous ‘slavery reign’ that I started admiring him, for his mental strength and understanding of cricketing abilities. I never saw a better captain, and a better cricket enthusiast. You can evade a Sourav Ganguly, but am sure you can’t ever ignore his idiosyncracies.

BTW, currently being ‘drowned’ into ‘The Namesake’ by Jhumpa Lahiri that I have regained my English senses. I know this term used may look much unanimous to you all, but I can not find a better one right now. The book has risen in me insights to such extent that during today’s powercut I could not help but continue reading through it under a candle light. I can’t even remember doing so for my academics in the last 6-7 years of my life. It came to me naturally.

I had in mind to run a book-reviewing slot in this blog parallely, but somehow (read due to my intense laziness) I can not let it happen, and every even day I dream to get it done. I somehow am waiting for the perfect time in my life, when things will be the way I wish or want it to be. Like the day when I will be able to be in the mindset to start writing my first novel, the plot of which I am carrying inside me for the last two decades of my life.

Am still in a nascent state, chemically.

This post can also be named as ‘Lookback 1.3’.


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