Recent Times

An individual needs to know specifically what binds him back and forth between two ends of a rope.

Man though is a social animal, but he often forgets if he is ever needed to socialize with whom he is doing so at a certain moment. I mean to mean ‘unnecessary crap socializing’, which I often find as nothing but a mere form of buttering and oiling. And at the long run, when the crap fails to butter and oil other craps, they thik they have failed miserably. Why not? You really have failed.

It’s quite funny that am writing this post. I didn’t intend to, frankly speaking. But, even if I don’t,you know people needs something to kill their valuable times before exams, always.

Oh! Forgot to tell our college fest is coming. Work is on in full rhthym. I have been made the chief convenor-cum-editor of our college magazine. Tough work to accomplish, but I know I will love to do so. Atleast better than the people who read others’ blogs occasionally and leave crappy comments. Hell with them!

And one more notice: I have stopped taking too many comments for my posts here. So, guys, do me a favour by not leaving one until and unless you believe what you are leaving is of real quality.


3 thoughts on “Recent Times

  1. Tell you what though mate, cynical though it might be, it is a social tool,this buttering (for the lack of a better term), is an indispensable social tool, it is a “tool” no doubt but a tool nonetheless. Yeah I am one of those people who leave comments and I do read a lot of people’s blogs (forgetting to update mine)…..but as I was saying, this oiling and buttering needs be done, other wise sparks will fly for the lack of lubrication. But tell you what though I find it easier severing all contacts with society than apple-polishing(or buttering) but I guess most people are not as sociopathic as yours truly. But a heartfelt post nonetheless.

  2. @subhr0 (as your twitter handle reads)

    Thanks for the comments. I never said I despise comments and criticism from other people. All I meant is that I TRUELY despise comments which are meant just for the sake of being there.

    And regarding ‘buttering'(or cheesing), it’s not about this place. It’s about life. You can see that everywhere. In hostels, in colleges, in playgrounds, among friends. Whatever it be, and wherever, it’s gross.

  3. Well I agree with you on that. I don’t like meaningless comments (yet i am leaving one); not that my blog gets any comments, but socializing is important, if for nothing more than having something to do. Only recently did I realize people in India have blogs and since then, I have been frequenting what they call the blogosphere, mostly just for as you said “killing precious time during exams. Not that its reaping any results, but well kills precious time :P

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