A JLT(Just Like that) post..

Bob(Xeren): Can you keep a secret? I’m trying to organize a prison break. We have to first get out of this bar, then the hotel, then the city, and then the country. Are you in or you out?Charlotte(Acita): I’m in.


So, they say you NEED to blog regularly if you want to be famous(I read it a fake-famous) among your so-called peers group and girls(well,of course) and juniors.  I don’t believe in these bullshits(that is how I like to ‘define’ these stuffs), and more than that,  I despise these people. Anyways, am back in the circuit, well, till now I believe so, err, I guess so. Let’s see for how many days this stint can be re-continued.

Good points in the mean time:

  1. Organised  first ever #siliguritweetup. [Am too lazy to give links on the same. Oh wait, this can serve the purpose well]
  2. Attended the ‘Windows 7 Launch Party’ here in Siliguri organised by Microsoft MVP Mr. Sumanta Sengupta. The best part being that me and @aritrasen(who was there with me) both, along with the others, got free Windows 7 Enterprise Edition DVDs. [In this case also, am too lazy to link to the Flickr pics]
  3. Am supposedly going to be the Cultural Convenor of my college’s annual fest SITEX’10. That makes me super busy the next 2-3 months.
  4. I have taken over a very good ( yet tough) project in hand on Robotics( in which I am nearly IGNORANT), and I need to present it with my team mates in such short a time that our supposed mentor teacher got shcoked at our determination, well, nearly.
  5. I have joined my CAT preparatory classes. And already have started doing presentations, case studies etc. They claim these are going to make me a better and industry-ready person soon. Hope it does!
  6. My friends have started loving me in a new way,  in a way of using my connections and presence of mind(do I REALLY have these stuffs?)
  7. And I have got a few good friends in my life. Will not name them here. But am sure they will realise it’s them when they read this post.
  8. Ah! And am loving being busy with my book review schedules. And yeah, I must say the publishers are really doing a very good job by keeping their words.
  9. And, to conclude, I must say, am really loving blogging after so so many days. Hats off Blog-God!


2 thoughts on “A JLT(Just Like that) post..

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