A weird take!

Weird things do happen.All the time.Like a consequence.Like some weird consequences.I some what feel overwhelmed whenever I get the chance to help the people all around me in their times of distresses.Don’t know why I feel so,I feel kinda strengthened,I feel kinda interested,kinda into the very stuffs.Maybe my long-drawn failed interest and love to become a doc rekindles all these times.Like I feel that I could live my dreams through all these short and sharp stints.Even today I always feel the urge and depression of not becoming a doctor whenever I find any of my family members suffer.And more when I find the dearth and being kept waited for being attended by a doctor.

However I try myself not to get down by these stuffs,still circumstances do force me.Sometimes.Like when I was in the scenario with my other family members of being kept waited by the docs for the physiological death of my dear aunt(mom’s sister) after even knowing she has been taken out of artificial ventilation system after an officially announced brain death.

These are the times you do really dive deep within yourself.These are really the times when you think you could have made things better in your and in turn the ones’ surrounding your life by whatever you do or accomplish or plan to do in your very life.I do so.I feel the very urge to bury myself in my journals and give a quick peek into my life’s dearthnesses and other untouched vertigos.I don’t feel like contemplating though,but still,as I said earlier,it do really feels weird to be in such a situation.


One thought on “A weird take!

  1. every situation in life can be odd if not dealt properly… i simply loved this blog entry of yours…keep up the good work

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