Review: “Madly Bangalee”

Storyline- Madly Bangalee is one story of dreams and despair.Of love and relationship,of music and life,of hardships and betrayal.It’s a story of four young Gen-X guys,two not-so-young guys,and girlfriends of two of the younger lot.
Madly Bangalee is a film regarding the life of the four guys surrounded by their love for music and love for each other.Their passion of friendship among each other,their passion of doing something big one very day,big in the context of realizing their dreams and moving on from their respective screwed family lives.
Madly Bangalee is the name of the band Pablo(the lead singer),Baji(original name-Faizal-the drummer),Benji(rhthym guitarist),Neon(bass guitarist),the main protagonists of the film run together.Tanya,another regular girl is the girlfriend of Pablo,who prefer attending the rehearsals of her dear friends in the dilapidated Bobby’s Garage rather than going up to London for further studies.Now question naturally arises who Bobby eventually is?Bobby is one Anglo-Indian who came down to Kolkata from Burma during the post-Independence areas.After his wife Carol died,he stays in a Garage in the South-Central Kolkata region,working there parallely.He has got the rent of the Garage unpaid and eventually,attracts local goon Baburam on a regular basis to get himself slammed and abused only.

“Jachhe bodle jachhe amar sohor,
Chena chena hoye jachhe koto ochena,
Ami thamiye dite pari rojkar raastaghat,
Tomar shopno dakhar ichha jokhon tokhon.
I can do anything for you.”

This was the general scenario when one fine day,things change for better when he along with the boy-band gets San(Originally Sandeep Banerjee—played by Anjan Dutta himself) there in the Garage(bruised by his regular and brief unsuccessful stints in America,Germany,Paris).He takes life the way it is,he takes things in a way cool enough in the perspective of making the better of what life has got to offer him,and not to force much to make things worse.He believes in the expression of one’s own soul,and the way he has selected for him is music.And so when he turns up among the “Madly Bangali” blokes,he rather ‘intruded’ himself in their routines(against the band guys’ interest) and gives them the proper and needed momentum for betterment.Maybe that was the way San could have lived his dreams,through the eyes of Pablo,Benji,Baji,Neon.But his interpretations of his own interests and musical extravaganza ultimately turns up to ‘cause a major havoc among the lives of the guys,and they get into troubles.Pablo threatens him for misguiding Tanya,his girl,Baji gives him the fair share of his suffering state of mind through his insecurity as the brother of a local terrorist and his lack of peace of mind as a minor Muslim in this country.That’s when San opens his mouth bigtime for the first time and inspires them with his principles of Music,Religion and Art.As a regular audience I must say,that was really a peppy inspirational talk with realms of reality of life embedded in it.And the lives began to change.They get inspired and starts to work upon making them a success by performing in a local Rock Band Contest.
Meanwhile Bobby dies,Joy,Benji’s girl gets an abortion,and Baburam gets a large amount of the money(needed to keep the Bobby’s Garage away from being burnt down) by the respective efforts of the guys from their families.And the story unfolds in a really interesting way.
And finally,San got away from their lives promising Pablo not to get into so-called his and Tanya’s relationship,Tanya goes away to study in London,band “Madly Bangalee” wins the Rock band contest and later performs here and there before going into oblivion.The voice behind says about there respective lives as a flashback from the earlier days.And thus film “Madly Bangalee” ends in a note of hope and despair for doing something big one day.

My view- A typical Anjan Dutta film “Madly Bangalee” being,and me being a die-hard Anjan Dutta fan,it’s little surprising that the film will good ratings from my side.Good in the sense that the storyline touches us to the extreme.”Amra” by Mainak Bhoumick managed to do so last time.Dutta’s “Bong Connection” found me find out out some technical flaws in the film.Not that this film doesnot have too technical flaws-in the form of low light,hasty and shaky camera action at times,poor acting from characters like Neon and Joy(she could have been more unstiff,though regular lovemaking scenes not always needs so,but in the crying ones).The character of Pablo and Baji was awesome.Where Pablo was one guy who dreams to live life to his fullest and get all his dreams come true,Baji fought hard with his clan,he let his roots forgo him by his love for music.I like Pablo much,maybe ‘coz I connect with him the most.

Music- Music by Neel Dutta is again superb in his own ways.And Anjan Dutta’s strumming again make me feel so good.He never rots.His sound is like the evergreen new foliage in the midst of the drought in Bengali musical scenario.The Bengali rocks were good in their own ways,good enough to get all the GenX humming around even after coming out from the hall,with a faint effect of the storyline in their eyes.

Conclusion- I have got some typical mentality of searching for morals(or catchlines) for all films I catch up.This film teaches us to dream.To dream on and on and believe in oneself even if mediocrity of life tends to be the main stone-wall infront.All it takes is to dream big and dream true.Bigger and true enough to break down the stone-wall one day.

[N.B. Sorry guys for not being able to post any of the posters or the pics from the film.The WP photo-crunching process is not working well today.Will try up once more tomorrow.]

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6 thoughts on “Review: “Madly Bangalee”

  1. Well I’ll be very critical. I’m always and I don’t care what people thinks about it! Bottom line, when I read the story before I felt total mixture of Rock On and a Alicia Silverstone movie that I saw many years before! I don’t know whether Anjan Dutt noticed it or not!
    Secondly, talking about the TinCan, I have come face to face and have seen their workshops many time but their attitude irks me and I must say sometimes attitudes of a person makes the audience dislike the person and as a result avoid all his work! But without disrespecting their work, the Tincan’s, they are really good as first timers. That Sumit Thakur is from our school! I know him nicely and everyone, so that’s great thing for me to cheer about. Still I don’t like adaptation from other movies or even near to it. It should always be original! If you adapt from books, no worries. And I have never liked Neel Dutt’s song, they remind me of Old School Rock!

    That Alicia Silverstone movie is Global Heresy!

    So I’ll rate it 3 out of 5.
    For acting, direction and unity!

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