First ever #kolkatatweetup(21.06.09)


That was the first thing we exchanged when six-seven odd guys and a girl meet each other for the first time in their life,and exchange notes of concern and promises.The rest came soon,and turned out that the first ever #kolkatatweetup is going to have a respectable 16 numbers of attendees,quite good as a first timer.They were as if they knew each other for long enough.Well,almost they did so,virtually.And the warmth with which everyone was into the very thing was quite galvanizing.Such was our day yesterday.On the occasion of celebration of the first ever #kolkatatweetup(read first ever Kolkata twitter meet up) that has to happen in this state,maybe also the first time in Eastern India.Pune,Mumbai,Delhi are the regular contenders in these events,and this time we also join the elite group.And that’s really something that will help Kolkata come out from being called ‘Technologically challenged‘ city by the other little-known adamant stuffs.
Like I said before,this Kolkatatweetup was all about meeting new people from across Kolkata who are on Twitter,and we surely managed to accomplish that in style,well almost,in the sense that the numbers of attendees were the ones who were the direct enthusiasts to organize it and everyone is looking for major turn-ups the next time we arrange another such event,to make a grandeur out of it.The venue being McDonald’s,ParkStreet you quite know the glamour and the style factor the event has got itself to be accompanied with.We met new tweeps,got newer friends,newer mentors,and with it newer contacts for future prospects arose.There were school kids(@ePandu,@ankit_j,aspiring enterprenuers and managers),college students(me,@sahaanirban,@aritra_m,@srabasti,the would be Software and Computer geeks),enterprenuers(@arjunghosh),managers,start-up guys(like @hussulinux is going to open up his new company),and will-be-joining-soon IT Techies(@nimbus2000).You talk about bright future prospects,and they were there altogether.
This first time gave us the much necessary impetus to arrange future tweetups in this city and the promise of the effort to make all the tweeps(the users of twitter,as they are called) come together shone bright.And surely we will be meeting again in the near future and make it a grand success,even grandeur if that’s the perfect word to be used here. Thanks to fellow tweep and mentor @arjunghosh for making this concept get realized.Thanks to all the tweeps who made it a success,the credentials are as given below.

The attendees are as below:

Further clarification if needed done on citation.


3 thoughts on “First ever #kolkatatweetup(21.06.09)

  1. :) Thanks Bastab for calling me the *mentor* Well you guys did not need much to be frank. In fact when I shifted to Calcutta from Delhi, i was disappointed that there is not much of a online or twitter community that is active. Delhi had in contrast a huge one. So I thought why not put kolkata on the Twitter map . But frankly it would not have been possible without everyone effort all of you guys who have been involved. I just was a catalyst as I believe :) It was wonderful meeting you and others.

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