A misplaced post

Am on for a little while today.Actually wanted to share up some random thoughts here.I admit things are as shitty as they were never before.Like never before in my life.I mean to say the consequences of the biggest blunder I committed some 2-3 years back.The less it’s remembered the better.And the worst consequence being to get into some hell,which is expectedly eventually the heaven of some self-implicated morons and bullshit personalities all around.Sometimes it feels like you have been forced to get into some dungeon you don’t know the opening of,or you have been closed into some room and someone became irritating enough to loose the key.Then it was all my fault though,I admit.Like some virgin maiden may regret for loosing her virginity to some heartless luster whom she never loved,or some fake imposter.
Don’t know why today itself I gathered all these thoughts to vendor over here.Maybe the pressure of the exam-days cluttered my head big enough not to able to think something more interesting to write about.Whatever it maybe,it’s so.Dear readers,don’t know if you will make it a point to think me anorexic and stupid enough to write all these personal stuffs here,which I do never regret though.
Anyways,I fought with some stupid guy today.Fought like not fighting my guts out,but more of a cold,mental fight being companioned by two-three heated word exchange.And this has been so disturbing to me since then that I was looking for some hole to vent out my anger and afterthoughts.And so,I’m here.Regretting the hell outta me for being in this college and the sucking environment all around.I have got to say and vent-out more but restrainig myself strongly enough.I kinda hate the times,not kinda-I do hate this like anything.And in turn it’s taking its every toll on me.And my fight continues as it is.i know I came here against my parent’s will,and it’s my aim to back the decision up.Hopefully in a better way,to make my parents happy.And I will.With all the fighting spirit I have got.

Lastly,hope and wish this virtual world becomes a better friend of this sulky loner.Loving my blog.
I need to sleep now.

One more thing,although the share button is given below,please don’t share this post.

-sulking and sad


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