Time for a personal review!

New years are always exciting if you happen to “celebrate” it all alone.

Today is our Bengali(another cultural community,specifically people staying in West Bengal of India and Bangladesh) Happy New Year.And trust me,it does mean a big thing for us Bengalis,on the same note as you all people from around the world take Christmas from heart.To us this New Year is a start of a new Business year with the inauguration and starting of new ledger-books in the various business-centric institutions and market stores.This New Year mean a new “Panjika”(don’t know its English,anyone out there knows??) giving us the preoccupiable features and happenings of a coming whole three-sixty-five days.And lot other things.

I remember my childhood days when a “Poila Boishakh”(as this day is called in Bengali) meant a big deal to me.Like it’s evening extravaganzas and festivities,like it’s normal and happily-induced tradition of wearing new clothes on the very day,and many other tiny bits and pieces of things that keeps the capability of shaking you from the root in the very power of it being so exhaustive(to memorise in a lonely evening),so painful and that needs so much mental pressure to forget.

Maybe this is the first time I am writing my inner thoughts so bluntly(and this I mean,I never wrote so bluntly in my whole life) in front of everyone.Maybe I will also tell a few of my friends to read it too.And this is so unlike me.But you know,time changes a person.and so,maybe its changing me too.At least these days I am sort of feeling like so.One thing I noticed in these few days of loneliness and singleness([:)]) is that all these days what I did is to remain preoccupied with myself only.Preoccupied with my blogging skills.Making my blog look more of a “pro” one to the people from allover the world visiting it.I even gave a distant thought about why not buy a domain for myself to host this blog?I am also thinking of keeping into the move a parallel blog of “photography”,which will only have the pictures and snaps taken by me.This thing I planned earlier to have here only(I mean as one different page in this M.A.D thing only,you may notice/go through the photography section already),but space and time constraints held me strong.But as told I will do it up soon.Why not give the responsibility to any of my good friends to run it for me.Did it sound like “hiring” someone professionally.Wow!Am impressed myself!!

Anyways,will let you all know about the futuristic plans that I happen to hold in this li’ll brain box of mine.No more memory and all stuffs now with which I started this post.Cheers guys!Life is all about going strong and with your head kept high.I tell you one thing,never ever happen to lower your head in front of ANYONE.Never.The day you do it,you die,mentally.


I noticed one thing.Whenever I write,I remain so happy!Maybe you have yourself noticed it throughout the “evolution” of this post.This is another reason why things about getting professional with blogging keeps ticking in my head all the time.What ya say??


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One thought on “Time for a personal review!

  1. Dude,
    Seriously, you need to be a li’l more professional if you want your blog to ring the bell. Blog is all about expressing yourself and all, we all know that, but blog is not like “I am talking to myself!”.

    But it’s nice to see the mood settling thru’ out the post. Makes me feel at home, you know what I am talking about! “Evolution” is a bad word I guess, it’s more like a modified sophistication, and that was really a feast of my eyes!

    Carry on!

    P.S.: If that web-hosting and blog maintaining thingy involve dime, I am in!

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