The Weekend Syndrome!

Actually the very question stuck in my mind just sometime ago.That whether I am a net-addict or not.By net obviously I mean internet.Not coincidentally and out-of-the-blue this question came tome.Actually,for the last fortnight I was not getting access to the site of the local internet server which keeps the tab on the times we clients spend online.And not being able to get access to it,somehow,acted as a big boon in my otherwise boring life in the midst of this continuous 3-4 days of weekend vaccations.Before that you have to know the story of the very nice weekend Iam in,”happily”,oxymoronically.

In the other weekends things remain bright,in the sense that you look upon when you are going to have the said weekend so that you can come out of the tiresome daily job-routine/or in our case routine student life.but this time,i realised i am a broke.i own no money,and i have got a not-that-small listy of debts to my other broke friends and mates who are equally persistent and precise enough to give out incessant reminders to this little brain about when this broke is going to pay them back.and when the situation is like this you realise much that very few people(and those include the ancient rishis only,i guess) can keep their happiness and satisfaction level about themselves high enough not to get nudged about it,and say “what a bullshit!”

i couldnot.

what i did is that i made my 1000th(if not more) excuse to  my parents at home.i gave them the good stories regarding how great work i am going to do with the money,without splurging on i am going to give it away to a local child who don’t have the required amount to get admitted to the local school.the very kind-hearted people my parents being,they trusted me and gave me the money.and even after getting those see what i had to do with them.i had to clear up my debts.and so i did.and now i find myself again a broke with a very negligible amount(negligible in the sense that i can only manage to have a not-that-big sweetmeat with it,incase i get too hungry apart from having my shitty hostel food) with me.

so,when one’s mental condition remains such you can’t help much but to let him get into his own world where he can get the ultimate peace(as defined by himself).and so i did.i cuddled myself into the world of cyberistics and internet.i did relentless online stuffs like chatting up meaningless stuffs with friends whom otherwise i could have met in my very next room,making pretty bad faces to the other unknown chatters and net-hovers without thinking that they can anytime sue me down for these unthoughtful jobs.also i did gave my so-called updates to the very new social client called twitter(trust me,it has got the most responsibilty to make me the addict i am),and also did took the very pain to go out to the local big vodafone service centre/store to get my phone’s gprs connection activated so that i can do my twitter updates even when on go.not that i did crappy stuffs only.i also did stuffs like upbringing the status of my blog by inserting newer and newer widgets and plug-ins in its sidebars/toolbars,for which i had to search google around 10times,sms my inspiring senior about 5times,curse myself about 4times,pull up my anger upon my very best friend about 3times,and almost throwing myself out of the room don’t know how many times in sheer frustration and sheerer(if that’s could ever be any word one day by oxford dictionary) inferiority complexes.what the holy hell(a contradiction,remind)!!these days i am getting bouts of depressing and inferiority complex things just ‘coz that i can’t do one simple stuff,that too on internet.damn me!!

now back to the story of how i got to realise that i have almost become the big thing in addiction in the after maradona(what a comparison!!) getting sentenced for alleged drug taking in ‘92 fifa wirld cup(if i am not wrong).i found that i was online for 67 hours in the last 12 days.and that’s a real big thing i of my friend told told ”WTF!i used to watch movies whole night at times”,another told “i used to watch out not-very-good stuffs ona row for 7hrs a day”.man!stop those bullshits.what you all did was for a day or two only.and i continued my streak for so long.darn it!!

don’t know if i should be happy(for the reason that it’s a really big streak i made up,atleast i myself think so),and sad for the obvious fact that i am going to start thinking from today about whether i have become as ADDICT.which although at the back of my mind i realise that i am already one.shit!

now my question is that why i am restraining myself anymore not to smoke or drink?i am already in the arena.

what ya all say??

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