The post i am going to do is one i had written about a year ago,in my earlier days in this part of the world,i.e. the part of the world(siliguri) after i happened to come out of kolkata,my hometown,for the first time.this article i wrote about my extensive feelings,and incessive wanderings and wonderings about things known very new to me,things that i happened to get the incessant essence of in a fresh,illustratious way!

what the post does is to bring out “me” infront of the whole world,and i guess you will find it will manage to do so with ultimate ease. :)

anyways,without further introduction stuffs,lemme introduce with the post it goes.but lemme remind you,don’t you ask for any explanation for any of the stuffs i had written in it,’coz i don’t actually remember the exact reason for each.poor me!

Snippets frm the past six months: has been these six months of my life that has changed myself a every way.but more of it gave me maturity. first trekking to the hills.a small hill-‘let’ at sevoke got the very luck of getting my clumsy ass everywhere over was a day to remember. first experience of being totally alone in life for a whole single day(a painful 24 hrs).cant remember exactly the “holy” date.but all I remember is that it was in near past. first experience in a college fest.n whatever happens dere.i mean everything.pun intended. first experience in life to remember remember when I did what.i mean bakhwaases and share-alls.wait let me tell u those….hmmm…..aargh….leave me alone bro.they r relli nt goin to visit my memory soon enough. first ever semester(although am in just second of it) to experience me more in the beautiful rocking gardens of my college more than in classes. first ever experience in life to do something really crazy.dat will rock and shake everyone around me like a strong comfort zone just says it all.
8.i got some gr8 frnds around me always.but I don’t lyk to express their importance to my life infont of them.thats y maybe I suffer more.they will only get to understand me when in need.i will be there without even a single call.coz I feel them all. the confidence that I can also make someone happy.its something great to realize.and dat someone always looks upto me for happiness and life.that someone is my heart.i don’t want it to stop beating.i don’t want myself to experience an NDE in excruciating pain.
10.last but not the least,it’s in this past six months that I got introduced to blogging!!found out my own world out of everything non-exciting.
[P.S.that someone special i talked about is my new-found buddy “puchu”.the virtual,non-existent lil robo of my dreams.]

CURRENT MOOD:feeling very sleepy,tym being abt 3.45 am.dangerous liaisons named “exam” s around.tym to dozz off in da world of dreams.


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