For bad times’ sake

“You know,when things never go good,just close your eyes,and think that maybe it’s for your goodness only”–this bullshit given by many i have never ever managed to give a place in my brainbox..can’t say for sure why!but all i know,that i didn’t!

And this time too such mal-motivations(as i prefer to call it) didn’t as hell took any holy place in me.and as usual also wasn’t able to take me out of this shit i am in.

But don’t know why,this time am feeling much maybe it’s really that if one thing goes wrong,who can say it maybe supplemented by another good thing!like the way i write these days,am sure enough people are not anymore going to read and go thru’ my blog(given it’s horribly boring stuffs),but my optimistic mind does say,they may come to give me a kind visit at home to give an ear(?) to my recently-pounding vocal chords.although this i tell only on the trust(on almighty) that my loosing writing capabilities may give in in the form of bettering(is that any english word??) of my singing skills!

Skeptics,don’t shiver in pain.but i give you full permission to shiver in happy anticipation of hearing me sing up soo well!bless me,that my crow-voice gets a cuckoo-effect!


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