the rainman’s story

Have you ever got drenched in rain fully in the oddliest tyms of a day?
say at 2 am in da nyt..
its awesum,lemme tell u…

outsyd its drizzling lightly now….
drizzles of frustration,drizzles of of sum eternal sunshines,drizzles of not being trusted enough…

it feels nice to sit quitely in da corner of the balcony n see straight into the “eyes” of rain-drops…
silence is always welcum…
silence is sumthing whch u invite to cum to face u wen u r not feeling well enough to live lyf at its fullest….
u know wat,silence can be the best partners wen u need one…
silence can be da best of friends…
sielnce can be ur friend,
silence can ur philosopher,
silence ca be ur guide..

how does it feel to love sum1?
is it sumthing weird?
is it sumthing dat tastes lyk dog-poo?
i dont know…dont ask me in return..
u will only get blank stares..
dat u make u go mad..
so better dont ask me anything on earth…

i lyk to get fully drenched in rain,
to such extent dat mom will go mad n shout at me,
to such extent dat my cellphone dies down on “pneumonia”,
i love rains.
i luv its droplets dat cum straight to allover ur face n makes u feel wetty,
i luv rain’s colour..its transparency of mind..

n ryt now i jst want to be in rains…
until n unless my mind stops raining….

u know wats da best part to get fully drenched in rain?
its wen u can hide ur tears n still can cry ur heart out

…it rains.


3 thoughts on “the rainman’s story

  1. silence can be your friend… yes indeed, silence is yourself… whatever silence answers you back is actually your thoughts!! silence never speaks… its you who make the silence speak!!
    rain… cools you down… speaks a thousand words when it mixes with your tear drops… rain embraces you, hugs you and they never let you down… when i get drenched all along on my terrace… i feel so complete, so secure.. i feel so happy…

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