google me up!

dbrn20l3As usual,alike the many other trash jobs i do hanging around in the cyber-world,today also i just was going thru’ things i were not exactly much sure i wanted to get some of my engineering e-books downloaded but didn’t have the surity that if i would get the exact writer up there,like i wanted to join up some more yahoo groups and writers’ communities to further my streaks among all.frankly speaking things are not going much good these days,and that too being running out of the net-connection time-limit really is not what i would have loved to have!but still,got to accept it without cursing anyone else ‘coz it’s only me who used up the bulky whole 60hrs of my time-limit in a month in only 10 days to build up this website of it’s out of contention that i am going to curse myself too!

but what revealed up to me today is really startling of all,and let me say,that i am really excited about it!it’s that today while roaming around somehow i got to give up a search of my name(that’s bastab chakraborty) maybe in a fit of my never-reducing insanity or maybe for reasons i don’t exactly can make out.and it gave up me!!the me,that i am.!

google me up!

google me up!

It gave up the result and link of my profile and website(that’s this M.A.D one) in the first page itself,and that too the third(or,was it the fourth?) search-result was me on the prowl!i can’t believe that from now people are going to get “me” up in “google”..what a contrast!

my new date?!?

my new date?!?

from now that i am googled up,am going to absolute pro-way,like the pic as above..

if that could only help me feel something better!


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