a hecky day!


7.05 am  Monday  02.02.09

confused !?!

confused !?!

“You let me go through the ocean of dreams,

You let me breath among the times that didn’t go well,

You are the one who use to stand by me in my needs

You are the one who have taught me to be happy..”


I owe a lot to you..and some day I will give you everything back what you need in life..this I promise..


“There are stars in my sky,

There are stars in my head,

I see the hope in you,

Leave me not till the day gets dead..”

Basically,these are some abstract things I got to write at some abstract time of the day,for these words have been hanging around my almost dead soul and almost half-dead caput since when I can’t actually say for sure.all they wanted is a pore to gush out loud.don’t know what sound one gets to hear when words gush out!like you are watching your water-tank pipe go havoc and blow up and there’s water spilling out like won’t-tell-what-here allover your place.this is something we get to face once in..hmm..don’t know how many frequent days.but when did you last hear words gushing out of anyone’s encephalic part of the torso?did you ever?

I didn’t.

And that’s exactly why I am writing this up,returning to my cosy(?) corner of the workplace in an ultimate hurry to let all the ebullition make possible,and so that for the first time in my life I get to hear something gushing out.

You know what,am now hearing it,something like someone pissing off in pants being rebuked by the class teacher in front of a whole class filled with boys and girls,and trust me if I say,the sound is far more ridiculous than I thought it would actually be!

Anyways,these were my lucky words.to navigate through an experience you get to have once in a blue moon.

And I am really relieved now.thanks to me.


There are stars everywhere,

You are the moon of my heart..”





9.20 pm Monday 02.02.09

Now what the shit that was?i mean to say,what the shit did I rumble and mumble allover in this holy place?and I can’t believe you all managed(who knows if forced) to go through the entire crap without even cursing me once,or who can say,even more.

and you know what,you are hearing it right.

Actually the above post was done by this dumbhead in a just-awake mental state at,I guess around 7am in the morning(lemme let you know,that’s my dawn!!.),on the eve of the day of his semester grades coming out with the heavy fearsome dreadness in mind of flunking it hightime,on a day-after in which he managed to do all shitty things to his highness himself including almost going to get some severe beating from one of his friends for flirting with that bloke’s girlfriend,getting one more lanky,bearded,ugly looking senior in college who has kept him in his hatelist and last but not the least,saving his petite ass from almost stumbling into the so-famous rack of cactuses by the place he calls his home.and he also had to go thru’ the holy session of pathetic Bengali pronounciation of one of his very close friends who managed to pronounce “patranabis”(this happens to be the surname of the author of the book his friend is going thru’) as p-e-t-r-a-a-n-a-a-b-u-s,and as expected enough the protagonist of our non-fiction couldn’t help himself but spill all the coffee he happened to hold in his hand over the pant of his another friend who was standing beside him that time.

these were really some things which is bound to make you give regular and sure enough creeps in your bulky brainbox and make you re-think about your normality levels and at extreme cases,to think if people around you are going to help you into some corridors of any asylum.

when these chain of unprecedented events happen to you,the first thing you are going to have are some serious regular nightmares that would make you get up from bed at 7 am,which he calls an errie time or a  dawn(it’s for me of course,who on earth wakes up before it?) and get your clumsy ass infront of the machine and write cheap and cheesy hotch-potches like the specimens far above.

And that’s what happened to me.

I guess,I don’t have to speak up more about the horrific experience I had,hope and god forbid I don’t have to spill more.



I must say,at times,i really feel I am sick of myself!!


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