..tete a tete..

9/11 divided the world into two of its kinds:

1.those who have seen the WTC twin towers.

2.those who have never seen it.

People are unfortunate enough to go through such turbulent times of their life,when they get to see their success breaking down in the form of WTC.that too being broken down by someone else. The candle in front of me is broken at its base.so is the leaning tower of pisa.while that tower can be an attraction to watch for,why cant the candlestick be? Flames burn.slowly.with life.burning life.to death. Take your time.single out a moment to give out a big sigh of relief.to remember.someone.yours one. Then force back your mind to work.forget that someone. The flame infront of me is turbulent now.maybe an insipient cyclone is at its heart.its pregnant.dont know why people call someone pregnant as “sick”,whether theone is insipient with a “new life” or with a “new idea or thought”.

The candle is shaking violently now.pardon.its the flame.not the candlestick itself.its dark everywhere around.people are in their corridors to a newer dream.i wonder why people dream when they know their dreams will never get to be turned to reality. I dont dream.i used to.now I don’t.i have nightmares now.

I believe that people do write as a sign to relieve themselves.whenever I get “pregnant”,I feel sick myself.mentally.until and unless I get to relief myself.the newborn laughs at me.often.and more often,not. You won’t get me.i am not that unsick. I am astonished at the small fly that is dating me right at this moment.it has got such a big heart.i am sure my girlfriend would never take the pain to be awake for this sickhead till this time of the night.although I don’t mind.expectation has ceased itself from me. More I am astonished about how the cerebellum of my hindbrain manages to keep balance of my eccentric eccentricities!!

I wish I was born in the backdrop of some dangerous,life-taking,devastating world-war.the WW-2 would have done.i would have liked to know what a just-burnt cartridge smells like,how a just-shot man cries in pain before dying,how a just-raped underaged girl collapses of suffocation,shame and pain,and moreover,how a just-war-won general celebrates his success after making the above three incidents happen. I sometimes stutter for thoughts.i sometimes shudder for logics,if any,for how someone can even think of as grave as a principle as ‘blood-for-blood’.i become speechless in pain when I get to hear it from my dear ones.i become mad when rumblings for want to have revenge through bloodshed becomes the cry of the majority around me.i break down.in shame. Now you will ask,what’s new dude?you are most of the time speechless…. Now that’s a stupidic,unwanted and irritating question to answer,isn’t it?and I won’t.why the hell can’t you understand that I don’t want to reply to your f***ing adulteries?????


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